Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday = Donkeys and Libbie!

Hello and Happy Saturday!

I am running just a bit late, I was really enjoying my time outside early this morning snapping photos of the donkeys and a bit of nature... then I heard something in the barn... no donkeys in the barn.. I went to investigate - I chickened out and didn't go all the way in. It probably was opossum or stray cat, but just in case it was a skunk or snake - I decided I would send Hubby in later to check it out!

With out further delay - here is my Saturday photos!
I woke a few of them up this morning... they were up all night I guess. This is Black Jack and he had just stood up and was yawning when I snapped this!
Angelina... she is just too sweet! I cannot believe she is 1 year old already! But she is! She was looking right at me almost posing for photos... but then she got an Itch - fences are so multi-purpose! Wish you could see how much she was moving up and down and the fence shaking around.
Ellie, Raffie and Vickey - Still no baby from Vickey... we have at least a few weeks, this morning they were pouting - they want Alfalfa... we got a few bags the other night I think they can smell them on the property. I so wish Ellie would get pregnant this year... she is a late bloomer I guess, I hope. Raffie is the Daddy for Vickey's baby - the last one that she lost was a brown donkey.. go figure two spots = brown donkey. I hope this one has a few spots - but more importantly is born healthy!
I just had to share this photo too this morning... Hubby got me a new peach tree a couple of weeks ago... I have one we planted a year ago - it is still alive, but the big donkeys have really done a number on it. Guess they like peach leaves! This tree will be planted in Libbie's yard to keep the donkeys from eating it. And look! It has the cutest peaches on it! I think I counted 9 of them!

This is how I found Libbie when I came in the back door. She had just put her head down... so sorry Mom... she had been chewing on my house shoe.... again! I tell you - your foot comes out of a shoe and in the next second it is gone! We are trying to teach her no. She is now getting that it is wrong, sometimes, but hasn't slowed her down yet - But really how can I get upset at that cute little pout?

This is her when I told her Momma still loves her.... I think I am really loving that one floppy ear!
I hope you have a great Saturday planned! Me - well I am going to wash the all the "extra" laundry - you know the bedspreads blankets and things. And I think I may work on a few projects that I have coming up. What is on your schedule today?
HUGS and-


Donalda said...

Love the donkey saturdays dear so nice to see those pictures you show us. And Libby sure looks like she is spoilt lol My day is going to go see my daughter and new grandson. Have a good one dear

Annie said...

I am shattered! went to the craft demo briefly, well DH dropped me of for an hour whilst he went to play at the river with grandson, then when we all got home it was down to wedding plans! It's all back on again, and maybe as early as next March - oh my will I be busy! They are coming back tomorrow for Sunday lunch - DH says he will cook but I think I had better make the Yorkshires, and son is going to dig the garden for me - so an interesting Mother's day with the grandkids! well enough waffle from me - love the pics of the donkeys this morning, and that Libby is just such a cutie - you can always get another pair of slippers! hugs, annie x

dawnmarieg said...

Hi Michelle, so, what was in the barn??? you never said, and I'm waiting here with baited breath to find out what it was, is that owl still hanging about? Gosh it sounds like wild kingdom where you live, we have foxes and squirrels and a few hedgehogs here, no owls as of yet but some teradactyl sized seagulls who like to swoop down at my tinker cat lol. Its Mother's day here tomorrow so I'll be making a nice meal for Mum, nothing different there as I make dinner every Sunday. Have a great weekend. DawnMarie.xx

ribenaruby said...

Cute donkey pics Michelle and yes I'm guessing what could be in that barn? Libbie gets more and more adorable every week. I'll definitely be getting special attention tomorrow, but for one day only as it's mothering sunday!

Heather said...

Hi Michelle TFS the pictures!!!

I recently found your blog thru my good friends on TGF greeting farm Janna and Jess!!!

You have some amazing work and I so enjoyed looking thru your blog to see some of your past cards!!!

I will be back often and really enjoyed all your amazing creations!!!

Awesome Talent!!!!

Heather Schlatter

Pinklilac said...

Hi Micelle Beautiful pics and your doggy is soooooo cute. What was in the barn? The donkey pics are great and they look so happy.
Hugs Linda

Lorraine A said...

Lovely photo's :-) the donkeys and your dog are just soo cute, you must have such fun with all those animals. Can I come and live with you, I am midwife, I could help I think !! If not one of my best friends is a vet !! ha ha ha :-)

Justine said...

Love coming over to read about all your crittters. I swear blackjack is laughing in that photo..

Linda aka backroads girl said...

Michele, I am such an animal lover, and I love your pics of all your critters! And great peach tree! Yum :)

Bev said...

Now come on Michelle - with eyes like that and the look of butter wouldn't melt you couldn't do anything but forgive LIbby anything (and even feel a little guilty for being cross with her lol). I LOVE the 2nd pic - the look of surprise and indignation on that little face is priceless lol x

NanaBeth said...

So like our mini-doxie,she can play me like a violin!

Cynde said...

Michelle your donkeys are so stinking Cute...and Libby is just to cute even for words. Love her one ear down and one up...and such eyes! Can't believe the babies of last are all coming up on birthdays already. I SoooooooHope Ellie Mae gets pregers this year too! She and you and hubby will be so happy! Well we all will, but will sure like to get reports about her being so happy and content to have one of her own! One of my friends Mares always played Auntie to all the babies in the field when they were out for the day, she loved it. Then they finally got her bred...used artificial insemination and it took. You never saw such a good Mama....and soooo protective. She let everybody know it was HER baby. So really hope She has a baby this year. Thanks for the great Saturday pictures and report. I SO look forward to it.

Suzanne said...

Oh great Donkey pictures as always and Libbie just gets more cute every week. We lost 2 pairs of slippers (what you call indoor shoes) too Honey before we released we had to hide them away at night!!! Sue :o)

Dawn said...

Awww I'm smiling now after my doze of donkeys and Libbie..