Saturday, September 3, 2011

Animal Crackers - GOATS, Going Going Gone - and Gabby running

Well we have some fun here today ;0) First we need to say good bye to 7 of the goats. Yes - 7 of them went to auction this week. It was sad, especially the black, blue and green marks on my legs from catching them. But I was a bit sad to see them go. Lucky, Denim, Fric, Frac, Bo, Hank and Cathy all went. We knew all the boys were going - they had too. But then after some thinking we decided that Cathy should go to. She is a insane goat. And all her babies are and would be just as nuts. So we would rather use our space for goats that are friendly and should have friendly babies. So Bye Bye Goats - we will miss you but the space is nice, it was way too crowded.
 Ok... we did keep one boy. Other than our "Buck Stud" Frankie. Hubby really was having a hard time letting go of Louie. He was borderline to young, he could have gone... but I could see in Hubby's eyes that he was really gonna miss him. So we have promised each other that he will be cut this next week. He better!!!

Now lets talk about baby donkeys...
First I have to show you Sonia.... oh my this little one is so precious! And so little.
Now that she is a few days old, Mom is letting her have just a tiny bit of freedom. When you go in the pen, she takes off to meet up with you. Mom trotting right behind her.. saying wait don't you go anywhere with out me girlie! Just so cute!

Then we have RRRRamon - handsome guy!
He is super obnoxious friendly :0) I Love it! But he does love his Mommy Jazz  -

Now for some wonderful news! Gabby is much much better and her and her Mom have been released into their big pen with all their friends. I thank you all for the prayers - they really helped! 
Here Diego was reminding himself who she was... he just loves all of Lacey's babies. We call him Uncle Diego, he is a good babysitter for her. And protects the babies from everyone!
Thought you would love to see this one.... how is that for an action shot!! She was so happy to be able to run!!! FREEDOM!!!!!

Oh wait.. how about some action for you? :0)  Now it skips in a few places for some reason, why I can't figure out, but I think you will still enjoy it! This is just after we released Gabby and Lacey back into the pen -Everyone got really excited that they were back!

Don't think badly for all the weeds... it is just too dangerous to mow right now, too dry!

And now for the inside children -
Love this shot I got of Libbie... she wouldn't look at me for nothing. I think it was because Jeter was batting on the Yankee Game... Yes Libbie, I pay close attention then too!! :0)
Then Autie was being his sweet self. He love to just sit at your side and wait for loving -
And of course Miss Chica - just as adorable as her Daddy -
Hope you enjoyed today - I had lots of fun putting this week together!
Have a great Saturday and I'll see you tomorrow for Dust it Off!
HUGS and


Chrissy said...

Gorgeous photos and video Michelle.A lovely life style, love all the cute.


Diane.W. said...

Animal Crackers is the highlight of my Saturdays!!!

Luv reading & seeing everything,even got hubby intersted too,lol!!! :o) x

Dee in N.H. said...

Awww, everyone looks so happy! Great post!

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, I am sorry to hear you had to let all the goats go; but sometimes there is a must to let go. Glad to hear you keep Louie, he is indeed a little handsome guy. The donkey babies are so cute. Glad to hear that Gabby is doing so well and that our prayers might have helped in some way. I love the video, although I had two barking dogs right on my back while watching it. They were looking where the donkeys were, but could not find them (lucky me and lucky laptop). Your doggie pictures are so adorable. Love the one of Chica; she is a real beauty. Hugs to all our furry friends from Holland.

Anonymous said...

I love Saturday with Animal Crackers! Fun photos and video.


Kirsten Alicia said...

What a wonderful Animal Crackers - despite the lack of goats. :) I'm SO glad that Gabby is much better, I've been thinking about her all week. Ramon & Sophie are gorgeous. Thanks for the great video. Hope you all have a great weekend.

LorraineB said...

I am so happy to hear that Gabby is better. Also glad Louie is staying. He is such a handsome boy. Hard to say goodbye to the others I'm sure. I love all the photos and the video was so nice to see too. Donkeys in action - what's better than that? Except of course for the goats and the dogs - lol. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

Carol Dee said...

Oh they look like they are having so much fun! The babies are all adprable. Hugs...

Shelly said...

Great news about Gabby!!! Thanks for a fabulous Animal Crackers Saturday. :)

Rufus said...

YEAH Gabrielle!!!! That's such great news, and she is still super adorable, then again so are Sonia and Rrrrramon. Loved the video. So nice to see her running. Think I'm going to get some rain out of Lee, maybe you'll get some out of the Kira, I'll cross my fingers for you!