Saturday, September 24, 2011

Animal Crackers - A wonderful Evening with the Animals

Happy Animal Crackers Day - Last night I went out just as the sun was going down, it was a bit cooler and the animals were out and about and wanting attention -
 Peso is still a bit skittish we are not able get totally hands on with him. He is still not a total member of the group, but he is working his way in and doing much better... can't wait to see future babies, this guy is just too cute!

I was heading over to try and get photos of the babies for you.. Gabby, Sonia and Ramon. Well they were all being nuts and crazy in the cooler weather, not one decent photo.. all blurs. I went in to get what should have been a gorgeous photos of Gabby with sun setting behind her, and she saw me coming through the gate and took off running to me, snorting bucking and kicking. Then she attacked and rubbed what was all over her head on my pants! And yes... I do believe it was donkey poop! So I left that pen and decided to try for a different photo. That was when I saw the three stooges (our standards) coming up between the two pens - 

Valentine was leading the way - He is such a sweetie. Don't tell him that he is a big lug ok? He thinks he is as tiny as the miniature babies - But he will always be my baby... Cocoa and Ted were trailing behind him. I thought that they were all going to be sweet and stop for me to love on them, but they brushed right past me and headed over to the hay barn. Dad was in there and if they hurried - they knew they could talk him into a flake or two as an evening snack.
Vicki - yep she is REALLY wide! She isn't showing immediate signs but I think she is getting close. That baby really moves around a lot. One day hanging to the right, next to the left, and the next low.... Today you can see it is really off to the right -

Then I decided I would head over to the youth pen, I can usually always get one of them to pose for me. Just as I got to the fence line I noticed that they were all really focused. Josie and Cali ears at attention and not paying any attention to me what so ever. As I called out to them they glanced my way for a split second

 And then this was the only shot I could get... they were all off to the other end of the pen.

On this side of the fence is the boys pen, the other is the girls... and they were all off to the other end. Why? Well "Dad" was at that end cutting up a tree that had fallen. And watching him work was much more fun than posing for me.

I had such high hopes for shots this week, they were all being so fun and enjoying the evening, but as soon as I came out with my camera... Kids!

 And depressed and let down I headed in the house, and just as I got to the back yard I came to the goat pen. And look!!! They were posing for me!!!
Now was that because they knew I needed them to give me one good photo this week? Or that it was really close to dinner time?

Hope you enjoyed..... See you tomorrow for Dust it Off.... I scrapbooked!
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Marie said...

Ohh! I love your last photo! It's stunning. There you have something to scrap! :) They are so adorable!

Carol Dee said...

SO glad things are cooling down for you all. Peso is a good looking boy. I am sure he will feal more at home soon and when he sees how much fun the others have with you he will start warming up. :) Hugs...

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, what fun. I just love seeing all your animal pics.

Helen said...

A bit late today, but finally time to come over for a visit to my furry friends. Despite all the trouble they gave you I like the photos a lot. I know your story; have the same problem over here - as soon as I have the camera they put their nose in the lens or turn their back on me. See you soon. Hugs from Holland.

Rufus said...

With all the time that Peso spent in your lap, you'd think you'd be best buds! lol. Ah well, can't have perfect pictures all the time, you know how kids are, esp when Dad's doing something interesting!

Kirsten Alicia said...

I hope poor Vicki doesn't have too long to go, she must be exhausted carrying all that weight around. The goats are gorgeous, I love the different colours & patterns & Peso is VERY handsome.

Cynde said...

Love all the pictures. The last one of the day, with the goats all posing is so perfect of them all. Love it. But I love all your photos. I can never get enough of all of them The animals are so cute and your photos are so good. Thanks!

r4 said...

Great treasure I found in your blog. I have just become one of your followers so will be able to see all your beautiful cards when you blog them.