Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Me and My Space - Started going through my unused stamps - You want them?

I have started to look through my boxes and boxes of stamps. I have lots in CD cases in decorative boxes.
 These two boxes are FULL of stamps in CD's - primarily my older first stamps. Lots of alphabets and larger stamps. I have started putting some of these on my for sale page, I hope to add more in the coming weeks. Just been so swamped lately to get that done.

I then have my more recent unmounted stamps from my more love companies in my clear boxes sorted by company.
This is the best system I have found. And easiest for me to use. You can read the details HERE on this post.

I spent some time going through these boxes last night. And found that there are some stamps that honestly I just don't see me using in the future and that makes me sad, so I figure that they need to start moving on to those that will use them. Some I may put on the for sale page, but I thought that this week I needed to show some love to a loyal reader....

Do you like these?
 I have a brand new Greeting Farm - Never used
Three Sugar Nellies - barely used maybe once or twice?
Two Whiff of Joy - One used once, one brand new.

So there are 6 fun stamps - you think you might ink them up and use them? If so then leave me comment here. Next Wednesday I'll draw a winner and announce who the new owner will be. I'll ship world wide so no worries.

I really need to move at least 1/3 of my stamps to new homes so keep an eye... some will go for sale... some I just may pop in and do a quickie blog candy :0)

 Hubby and I are running a few errands today, working around the property and keeping our attention on the news and praying for those effected by the wildfires here in Texas. I have had a few emails. We are safe here, no real danger near us at this time... but scary how many fires are just popping up anywhere anytime. My biggest fear in life is fire out here. Yes I worry about our home to a degree... but my bone chilling fear is the animals. It just isn't physically possible to load out 40-50 animals fast with one small animal trailer, and then where do you go with them? Gives me chills.... We will continue to pray for safety here and for all of those effected. Please say a quick one for them all... and that we will get some rain to give some relief for all of us.  I feel like a broken record...

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Hugs and


Helen said...

Hi Michelle, I am glad to hear that you are still safe. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you in Texas and we hope that the fires will extinguish quickly. I can imagine how scared you are especially for the animals. Now back to the above part of your post; I love the way you stored your stamps, although I do not have so many yet. So I am sure that your lovely give away would be in good hands over here as I would like to ink them up a lot and make nice cards with them. Thanks for the chance. Hugs from Holland

Mette said...

Morning Michelle. I am following your craft room organization with amazement - firstly due to the space your have, secondly you're full of fabulous ideas.
My 5 year old loves visiting with me but she loves the animal stories.
I am sure the "neglected" stamps would love to live here with Phoebe and me as I always stamp extras for her to colour (and her friends when she has visitors). They then make a card for their mums :).
Hope everything is well and your farm is safe.

Hugs, Mette

Jo said...

Hi Michelle, am so glad to hear that the fires are not too close and praying for you all that they don't spread further. I am an avid follower of animal crackers, it's the high light of my Saturday!! And I love My space and wish I had the room myself to try out all of your fantastic ideas, but I'm sure I good find space for some more stamps especially as I am being made redundant in 8 weeks time and will have loads of craft time after I have caught up with my housework, whoops!! Thank you for the amzing inspiration that you give us all with your lovely cards too. Take care Hugs Jo x

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

I was listening to the radio last night as a fellow from Texas was talking about the wild fires there and I was wondering if they were near you? So glad to hear that you're safe for now.

Thanks for the chance to love some new rubber.
Beth Greco

Sheri said...

Would you like to come here and organize me? Golly I would love to be as organized as you are. Love your give away. Thanks for the chance to win some cool stamps. I have never played with a Greeting Farm stamp before so I think it would be fun to color

Lucy said...

Glad to hear all is well. Let's keep it that way. Thanks for the chance to win these adorable stamps :)

Maryann said...

I just love your organisation hun and I have got more really cool ideas from you over the past, so I´m always looking forward to these posts, but ofcause I also love the others, but admit, these are just soo cool as you help with problems we all have all the time.
I too really hope, that both you and all your animals will stay safe for the terrible fires there.
And last I would soooooo love these stamps too. I only have one of the Anya stamps, and I´m using it over and over again, so it would be great with a new one, as we can´t get them here anywhere. And the others are just tooo darned cute too. I love stamps, buut unfortuinately we can´t get much here, so they always gets so expensive, if we finally send for some outthere in the wide world LOL.
have a wonderful week ahead hun and stay safe.

Moni said...

Great organization of stamps, and would love to win fab stamps. I dont have any of those stamps. Hugs,moni

paperpapier said...

love to win these stamps. I don't any of them. Great tips on organizing the stamp storage.

Karen McAlpine said...

I think I would use the stamps. they would be great for making cards for Operation Write Home. I try to make a bunch of cards just for children when I get a box together. Have a great day!

Wilma Z said...

Hi, Michelle. Glad to hear you are all safe and hoping the fire will extinguish soon. I love your beautiful work. Thanks for the chance to win!

Marilyn said...

Gosh, I sure hope you get some rain because I've been reading about how dry it is and the fires everywhere. So yes, the order is for rain!
We should be organized? What the heck... hahahaha
Well, I haven't ever used the Greeting Farm but I love Whiff of Joy and Sugar Nellie.

christina d said...

The stamps sound great! I'll be saying my little prayers for rain for you. I live just above you in OK and it's dry here too.

Kendra said...

So glad the fires aren't there by you! I would like to send some of the rain we are getting in the northeast to you! Thanks for the chance to win some awesome stamps!

ednamburgess said...

Hope you missed the worst of the storm. Terrible things happening around the world with the weather.
Good for you, cleaning out your craft room. You'd think it would give me inspiration, but so far, it hasn't. LOL I would love to win any of your stamps. Edna

Carol Dee said...

After having a house fire I do know the feeling. We lost one pet. The contents are replacable.
My prayers are with all of you in TX and the SW suffering this hot, dry and very long SUMMER. May blessed and refreshing rain come soon.
I think I could find a home for those adorable stamps. So throw my name in the hat.:)

Country Mouse said...

So glad to hear you and your family (animals included) :) are not in any danger. These fires are so sad. :(
And DO have alot of stamps!!! LOL

Christina said...

So glad to hear you are safe! Praying for all those facing these fires. Yes you do have alot of stamp sets. lol I have just started this year in stamping and only have a handful but I can see my future! lol

athleticsecretary said...

I would love to win those stamps!! I'm an avid follower of your blog and especially love Saturdays! In fact, I've even got my husband asking about your "babies"!!

NinaN said...

I love Greeting Farm!!!! I would gladly give those stamps a new loving home :)

Heidi Brawley said...

Love seeing pictures of your room! I was wondering about you all with the fires. Glad all is well!!! Thanks for the chance to win your stamps. sooo cute!
Hugs, Heidi Brawley

Distressed Miss said...

Hi Michelle,
So pleased to read that you and your farm are safe. I am so amazed by your stamp organization and if I must say I am a little jealous but I have given myself a strict talking to and will strive to achieve something half as good as you have.
Thank you for being so generous and offering some truly scrummy candy.
Sending big hugs
Keep safe

Tracy said...

I do hope some rain comes your way and that you, your family and all your lovely animals will be safe.

I wouldn't know what to do with the amount of stamps you have, how do you choose which to use, and thank you for a chance to win these little lovelies.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

lydie said...

c'est gentil de vouloir partager ses tampons, c'est bien, je me porte volontaire, je saurais faire des petites cartes avec lol;
bonne chance pour le tirage au sort

Anonymous said...

Hello Michelle, I greatly enjoy your stories daily about all your animals, was so sorry to see that the boys found new homes not to be heard about anymore, and little gabby doing so well...ever so happy that all is safe and pray that it will stay the way...I have so little stamps compared to what you have so if I ere to get these would be so happy, thanks for the chance...lynn hamon here in Arizona.

Lorraine said...

hi huni wow you must have heaps of rubber hun i hope a;; well your end and i would love to be entered to win these plz xx

Cynde said...

Michelle So glad to hear you are safe for now. I will certainly keep you and others in my thoughts and prayers. I certainly hope you don't have to deal with fire close to your home. Is there perhaps a fair grounds with livestock pens in your area or one close by? Around here with the small ajoining towns they have set up evacuation plans so any one with large animals or livestock and move them if fire in any area close to them. So if they know that there is a chance fire could change directions etc, you can move animals early and before an emergency. To help keep them safe. Just a thought. I don't know how close to towns or any facility you may be. I don't remember from the blog, I am sure you've made reference to it.
Anyway I am glad to here your safe for now.
How very sweet of you to give away some of your stamps. I'm sure someone will love getting them.

Rufus said...

I've been wishing and hoping that you and all of Texas would get some rain. I've got friends in the Austin area...they're far. Glad to hear that you and all the "kids" are safe. Will still be keeping my fingers crossed for rain for you. Please don't enter me in your stamp candy, I actually own a couple of those!

okienurse said...

All the fires and nasty weather that have been happening in Texas and Oklahoma is horrible. We came to Va. Beach to visit son at the birth of his new daughter and I hear it has been cooler in OK then hear. Glad to hear all the critters are doing well. Have fun with your sorting. Vickie

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

oh I would love to win these! Thanks for the opportunity and for sharing your wonderful creations and life with us.