Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Goodies from the show....

As promised here are the photos of my shopping trip to the Scrapbook show. Didn't feel like I was buying much at all... at least compared to what I normally would do :0) But I have to say it was so totally cool to shop - hand to Hubby and then walk on to the next booth while he purchased and carried for me! LOL He is such a keeper!

I guess my pain purchase was from the Heartfelt Creations Booth. I love their stuff :0 I wanted SO much from there, but in the end I blew more than my entire budget on these 5 things! Four wonderful dies. I got those great new Rose Creations dies and their coordinating stamps - and then three of their exclusive dies. They look so versatile and fun to use! 
Then we hit a booth that had a great deal on Stickles. And if you remember that was the one thing I was really really after. I was totally out of my Diamond Stickles and was heartbroken. Well I now have two bottles of that color... and just a few more colors.
Now I have to say Hubby was helping me pick out stickles. He is going to use a few of the colors with his fly tying... so there were a few that I would have never picked. But hey... they were $1.33 each - so they were a GREAT deal! I then picked up a bottle of my glue I love... and the next booth found a couple of Nellie corner dies, and a set of the cutest butterfly dies from Cherry Lane.   Can't wait to try those out! They are so little but so intricate!

Then as we were at the last row there was a "sale booth" you know one of those booths with lots of different really cheap things.  That was where I found the ribbon and Hubby found the glitter. He wanted some glitter for again his fly tying and at $1 a bottle that was pretty cheap, and the bottles are shakers so that was really cool. The ribbon is sheer gorgeous ribbon - 25yrds per roll for $2!! So I got a few of those. The Pearl Pens is something new... Hubby found them in a booth as we were leaving.... looks like really fun stuff. We are going to "share" these. The make 3-d "bumps" so I can make my own pearls on projects. Can't wait to try it. Can't tell you how they will be used in his fly tying... But he found them and thought they were cool. And then the last thing I got... oh my aren't they just gorgeous???
I totally went nuts for these sprays of bling! They are so pretty.... not cheap at $1.50 each bundle. But I was so nuts for them, Hubby picked up one of each color... then I added one more clear and he went to pay for them just as we were going out.
Told you he was a keeper :0) Sorry he is mine girls :0)    We left the show, and then went for a great lunch at one of our favorite BBQ places. We don't eat there very often as it is about a 2 hour drive to get there, but we were over 1/2 way there, and had the afternoon so we took off. Plus there is a fabulous Antique Mall right next door. Didn't find anything there to buy but loved walking the isles and looking. Hubby found a pair of vintage boots he liked in this great booth that deals in quality vintage boots but in the end he decided that he was going pass on them. The guys has more boots than I have bling flip flops... and that is a lot! LOL

Headed home... side trip to the goat farm... then home, was a wonderful day with my guy. Hope we can do it again soon, just love these days! And I don't even have to have the Scrapbook show or the goat farm to love the day with him, but those were totally bonuses this time! :0)

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday -


Dee in N.H. said...

You got some great stuff! Sounds like such an awesome day all the way around! Love it!

Mary said...

As much as I love your cards, I love looking at how your organize your stuff and even posts like this - what you bought. Partly cause I hadn't even heard of some of the things you use on cards. You inspire me!

Helen said...

What a great stuff you bought (or hubby). You will have lots of fun with it. It always nice to have a day together and enjoy yourself so much. Hugs

diane (cookiestamper) said...

Wish I could have shopped with you...looks like you had a fun day!

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

oh he is a keeper, looks like a lot of fun!!!

ednamburgess said...

Sounds like a productive day and bless your great hubby. I have one like that too. I spend way to much, but he never complains. Edna

Tracy said...

Wow Michelle,
Your goodies look so scrumptious, your so lucky and your hubby helps you to feed your hobby.

The rose dies look beautiful, can't wait to see them made up.

Happy crafting
Tracy x

Shelly said...

All of your new goodies are wonderful, but I agree that your awesome day with hubby was the very best part. :)

Distressed Miss said...

wow sounds like you had a wonderful time and your goodies look amazing. Hope you have a great time playing with all your yummy stash. Hubby sounds so lovely a real keeper!
Big Hugs

NanaBeth said...

Yup you sure got you a keeper!I have one of those Viva pearl pens-I love it=the pearls come up round,no peaks.

Rufus said...

Sure he doesn't have a brother?? Since you insist on keeping yours! Just kidding, I'm keeping my hubby...but yours is a total sweetheart! (mine is too, but can't see he going to a stamping/scrapbooking show with me!) Sounds and looks like you had just about the perfect day! Can't wait to see some of your goodies in action. I've recently gotten one of the Viva pearl pens and it really does make nice 1/2 pearls with no peak on top.