Saturday, September 8, 2012

Animal Crackers - Baby its Hot Out There!

Howdy - Saturday and Animal Crackers - Today's photos are a hodge podge of the week. A few new friends, new project, and some hot animals!

I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but here... IT IS HOT! I don't do hot. I use to handle short times outside, but lately... 15 minutes and I am OVER DONE! I feel bad as I really would like to help Hubby more, I even tried yesterday and he sent me back inside. I get totally red in the face in just minutes. Side effect of a medicine... and totally not use to it. But lately, it is really hot. Even Hubby gave it in yesterday afternoon, came in and said that is it - too hot. Wish I could bring everyone inside... sigh...

Hank stays in the shade during the day -

Now there are three other boys in "Hank's Pen". They should have been sold already. My fault. I needed to run another ad and things just got nuts and I never got it going again. I may try next week one last time. If they don't go with that ad they will have to go to auction. We have way to many "guys" around here. Hank though, he is a loner, a private dude, a bit of a rebel. Oh he will get in the middle and play with the guys - but he is also totally content just sitting back and watching everything around him. But with the heat... instead of his normal spot up onto of the benches, he has taken up residency in the oldest goat shed. That front door has a good view of the girls pen, and the dogs back yard... nice spot in the shade.  Still lovin' that hairdo Hank!

Just like Hank... Cleatus does not move around too much in the middle of the day -

Can you see him? Can't miss those horns.. it is Cleatus. Normally you will hear Cleat and Peso banging their heads back and forth on the fence/wall between their pens. You will hear them yelling out at everyone to make sure every ear with in a mile knows that they are the best looking, and strongest Buck. You will hear scratching and rubbing of their horns on the edge of everything in their pen. But this last week... those noises are only early in the morning, and late in the evening. Daytime... It is best to just blend into the shade and stay still.

Speaking of blending in -

Went out to water earlier in the week. Yes, buckets are being filled at least twice a day. I went out and was missing two donkeys in the boys Frat pen. As I got closer I found them. They were trying to hide in the darkest shade they could find right up against the barn. They were hot too... But as soon as the sun started setting they were out there rough housing and running - just not during the middle of the day  - too hot.

I got over to the Girls Sorority pen next...

Found Juliet and Marissa standing under the shade of the tree. They looked odd.. then I saw the water buckets and all the "mud" around the bucket. Seems that these two girls cooled off by splashing in the water. Can't blame them, I probably would climb in one if I needed to cool off.

Late one afternoon while out feeding... Darlene had an itch -

Wish I had it set on video.. she had that entire length of fence shaking, her head was going up and down a million miles an hour. It had to have felt good she looked like she was enjoying it.  You have to be creative when it comes to scratching I guess...

We have a new member of Animal Crackers - a new little friend.

 This is Puss in Boots ( hey we just saw the movie last week ok ) I guess he heard the news that Hubby is a totally sap when it comes to cats. Every morning and every evening he is out hiding around the "cat house"... he has figured out our feeding times, and know we go in and out of the house to visit the cats and check their food and water. Yep.. Hubby now has a special place to feed Puss in Boots, but we have to watch over him and make sure he eats and when he is done pick up his bowl. We sort of guard him while he has his meals, otherwise... the 3 outside dogs or the 3 large donkeys will try and run him off to eat his food. Not that they don't have plenty of their own... they just like the new cat food. Each week we can get a bit closer to this guy. I am about 5 or 6 feet from friendship, Hubby is about 3 feet. We NEEDED another kitty you know...

Hubby called me out one day to see another new friend... Got a GREAT photo of him!

 Hubby really has to help me spot them when they are hidden in the trees. Darn depth perception! But when they get out in a open area - Wow! He sure was a busy little woodpecker - And very handsome too!

Last photo this week - the start of a new project!

With the "new" toy I showed you Thursday.. we had to step up our priority list of projects. Things moved a little quicker than we planed for our Model T. So we are now in high speed to get our 1913 T a new home. And you can't park a wood wheeled car on gravel or dirt like all our other barns. So we called a friend who put us in touch with a great local man that does concrete work. Yesterday was day one - Next Monday they will finish the form, spread the gravel and then the plan is for Tuesday the trucks to come out and they spread the concrete! We have also purchased a great building that will make one fabulous Car Barn! It is killing us that the car has to stay in the trailer until we have things finished... so things are being done as fast as possible! Hopefully next Saturday I can show you a building up!

I think I am going to go and get some more ice water - I really do hope it isn't this hot where you are. Weather says it is going to cool down under 100 next week! Woo Hoo! That will be wonderful!

Have a great Saturday  - see you tomorrow for Me and My Space :0)
HUGS and-


Marie said...

What a lovely new looking friend.
Love nhugs

Rufus said...

Looks like everybody was smart and stayin in as much shade as they could find. Full speed ahead on the Car Barn, gotta get that new toy out of the trailer!!! Went to a car show last night, but they didn't have anything quite as old as your baby.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the animals are able to get some shade, it's hot here, but nothing like that. Great photos, well done for getting one of the woodpecker. Hope you're having a good weekend.

Carol Dee said...

I was busy yesterday and somehow missed your Saturday post, glad I checked today. :) You are really busy and yes very hot. Thankfully we have cooled off. Sweater weather this morning, I am loving it. Hugs....

Helen said...

I hope it will cool down a bit at your end of the world. Here it is lovely now, although two weeks ago we had a very hot weekend as well. The furry friends are clever to stay in the shade. Keep going on the car barn, love to see the whole thing. A village near us has a Ford garage which is celebrating its 100th anniversary and they have a 1914 one in the showroom right now.