Sunday, September 30, 2012

Me and My Space - Need a "Little" Laundry done?

Hope you had a wonderful Saturday - we had a soggy one here. Much needed slow good rain! Animals were not happy, as they do not like to stay in the barns all day, and the rain does mess up their all important schedule of meals and grazing, then naps and then meals and grazing. But later they will be glad as much needed grass will keep growing.

Today I thought I would share a couple of toys  - One of them I have wanted for years, and when I finally found it, I knew it was coming home! The other, well... honestly I had never seen one before and when I saw it I thought maybe I could resell it. But the more I looked at it, the more I decided that it needed some time on my shelf for a while. Just too interesting to let go of right away. :0)

First up my "wash tub and glass rub board"

I have seen these in books and on the web for years. Adorable little toy wash tub isn't it? Ok, so it isn't in perfect condition. It has a few bends and a few scratches. But I love it just as it is. Some little girl truly loved and played with it.  I was so excited when I came home with it. And it came with the fabulous miniature toy Glass washboard. It says Crystal across it. It is in wonderful condition, and amazingly the glass has no cracks in it.  They were made for many years, probably 1930's - 1950ish. They usually also had a wringer that clamped on, a small standing clothes line and pins. I'll find those one day I hope. For now.. just loving my little tub.

Then I also came across this fabulous "toy"!!

Dollyduds Electric Washer... yes I said ELECTRIC!! This is a toy, and it does have its original cord and plug... I assume that it was for little girls to wash their dolly clothes. You would fill the glass bowl (which is old, has creases and bubbles in it) you fill the bowl to the water line, add your soap, and put the lid on. The lid has the motor in it, so it is kind of heavy. Lid on and turn on and it really does spin and wash the clothes! I cannot imagine a little girl today playing with water and electricity!! They made all kinds of electric toys "back then" stoves, irons... just seems so unsafe. But honestly kids then were different than today I guess. Heck Girls married in their mid teens! So I guess playing with stoves and cleaning items was just preparing for early homemakers. The condition is good on this "toy". It has decals on each side of the metal base that are all bright and vibrant. All the labels are still attached. The only part that has any wear, is the paint on the motor top is peeling. I think it was just simply bad paint, and not fired on like all the rest.  I have searched the internet for information on this toy. I have only found a handful that have sold on eBay or private sites. NONE that are turquoise, all the ones I found are white. I love the colors in this one, just wish I could find out more about it. I will keep looking...

Both of my "Laundry" toys sit currently on a shelf in my bathroom.  I have a few other toys that also fit into the washing, laundry category... but I'll save them for another post. :0) Don't want to show everything off at once you know. Ha!

Better get up and dressed. Sunday normals, breakfast with the locals, and if not too muddy the flea market. Not sure the rest of the day. I have things I "should" do, and things I "need" to do and things I "want" to do. Shame they are not all the same thing! This week is gonna be really busy, so I SHOULD do my list of chores. WE will see. Roundtop / Warrington Antique fair is going on now.... We would like to go a few days this week. NO way you can see it all in a day, there are thousands of vendors in barns, tents and farmer's fields. We are planning at least two days... maybe we can get in three. :0)  Hoping next Sunday I can show you a few brand new treasures!

Have a wonderful blessed day!! Enjoy it!
HUGs and -


Kittie said...

Both of the toys are amazing. I love old things, too!

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