Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello and maybe a Help?

Well I did it... I ordered a Silhouette Cameo electric die cutting machine.

Ordered and received. It has been sitting here sealed up in the box for way over a week. Sad.. We have been so busy trying to gather inventory and get things for selling on our new Ebay Store, plus life, animals and just keeping up with things... that this new toy that I normally would have opened and running seconds after coming in the back door... it has sat, lonely in the box. Well yesterday was a horrible stressful day and the end of the day I decided that I just needed some me time.

I opened up, read a little of the instructions, downloaded the software, plugged in the machine and in about 20 minutes I had this cut out from a font on my computer.

I was very proud of myself. I have a wishblade - I NEVER got that thing to do very much at all. It has come very close to being thrown across the room! But for the past few years it has sat with dust on the shelf.  So my little Cameo's "Hello" is great!

Then I did a little playing with the software, then found the button to get to their store...... uh... WOW overwhelming! And me with my headache I decided that there was way to much there to take in. LOL BUT WOW so many gorgeous things to download to cut!

I am seriously hoping I can learn how to use some of my SGV files.  I can right? I hope so, I think I read that when researching. Honestly my choices really were limited I found, once you go looking for the ones that work with MAC. But at this point and time I am very happy :0) If only I wasn't so tired and so far behind on other things. It is here though, and ready for me any minute I have to play.

You have one? Any advise? Any advise at all would help me I am sure! :0)

Well today is errands in town day. Doc appointment for me, then we get to stand in line probably for hours to register the Model T. Then all the little normal chores, bank, post office, grocery store then home. Doesn't sound too fun to me at all..... I do think I am going to throw in a nice lunch at our favorite little Italian restaurant... Huge Salad and a wee little slice of pizza? Sounds good to me!

Have a great day! HUGS and -


StampOwl said... had a blog post this week on how to cut svg files using a silhouette that you might want to check out.

NinaN said...

I've heard that they have a free weekly (I think) shape. So make sure you download that every week! Everyone I know loves their Cameo, and you will too!

TA Carbone said...

I have the Silloutte Studio not the Cameo but the only difference is the size of the paper that we can use. Go to Sillouttes home page and join their blog. There is so much to learn and truthfully the blog will help nyou more than a book or person. I use to belong to the blog but now everything on it is the Cameo. And yes mark your calendar to go to the Sillhoutte store and download your free design for the week. I will say I dont like their mats so I use the Cricut mats and cut them to my machine size. If you want vynal let me know b4 you go and buy any. I have way to much here


Carol Dee said...

Oooo looks like a FUN new Toy. Can't wait to see what you create with it. Hugs...