Saturday, September 29, 2012

Animal Crackers - Gato Bed? And what a DOO!

Hey There - So I don't know what the weather is like where you are... but we have had some rain here in TEXAS BABY! Whoo Hoo!!! Now Hubby is thrilled don't get me wrong, but he only got down about 2/3rds his winter grass seed before it hit yesterday afternoon, and he has had to cancel his garage building today, so as much as he is loving the rain... even a few more hours before it started would have been better.. LOL Never happy are we?

My first photo today for you just totally cracks me up! Early yesterday morning I came down the hall and looked over into the living room and said Good Morning to Gato. Then I took a few steps back and just died laughing. You see I purchased this fabulous antique Doll Bed to sell in my Ebay store - and it seems that it has been claimed before I could even clean it up and photograph it!!!

 Sorry for the bad photo... I was lucky she stayed in "bed" while I ran and got my phone to photograph her. And then Hubby and I were laughing so I just didn't get a good shot. Then she realized we were laughing at her and she got up and left. It is a wonderful folding antique doll bed, but Hubby says it has been claimed and I just may not be able to sell it now. LOL  We will see....

NOW before it started raining yesterday morning I went out and shot a few photos of the goats... I felt bad when I realized that I hadn't really done any photo shoots with them in a while. First up was my little future stud, Hank.  Now is that a HAIRDO or WHAT????

I sent this photo to a few people yesterday, and most all of them texted me back and asked if I did his hair that way. UH nope... Hank is a MAN goat now. I try to not touch him much at all... He has now moved into the one finger scratch on the end of the nose. HE SMELLS. I did go in a few weeks ago with a glove on... LOL But back to his hairdo. I have NO clue why his hair is like that. We were calling it his Elvis pompadour for a while, then it grew out even longer. It is hysterical! And he thinks he is just the hottest best looking little dude around. Ok, so he is... LOL

When he realized I was snapping photos of him, he came over to see me.

He has more personality than he knows what to do with... man I love this goat! :0)

Now I tried to get a good photo of Chloe to show you just how wide she is getting. And sadly the best way to show that is from the back. But you see Chloe doesn't trust me from the back... LOL She thinks I am going to grab her, or I guess take unflattering photos from the back side... LOL So every time I tried to go around her, she spun around to face me. LOL

The front just does not show how large she is. Now it does show that the babies seem to be on resting on one side! LOL Wish this Lady was friendlier. She is my skitzoid (I don't think that is a real word, but that is what I call her) She was the goat born the same time as my accident, and I wasn't allowed to go out and play with her because of germs. It was torture! And so she did not get handled hardly at all. So now... she is a nut case. But she is so gorgeous that I just keep working with her, and hope that one day she will come to understand that we love her. She is actually a tiny percent better than she use to be. So maybe there is hope.

Chloe's little 1/2 sister is Gidget. (Annie is both of their Mom, 2 years apart) Gidget was a single baby this last Spring. And she was the last baby born. I feel so sorry for her.

Why? Well she never did bond with any of the other "kids" and she didn't have any siblings to hang with. So she just stuck with her Mom. Well Annie hasn't been in the pen for a while. (She has been sharing residence with Frankie) Poor Gidge... she is off on her own 99% of the time. She doesn't eat with the others, she doesn't sleep to close to them, and some days she just roams around the pen and talks to herself or anyone that will listen. I even had her on my for sale list for a while. I thought maybe if she started off with a new herd she would bond with someone. But I guess she is meant to be here. She is a lot like her Mom and older sister, a bit of that nervous, cautious not let you rub all over her thing. I have been trying to talk to her a lot, and reach out and pet more and more. She is letting me now and then. I will keep working on her. She is a pretty long legged thing. We nicknamed her the "The Flying Nun" ... common you see it don't you? And the whole Gidget... Sally Field thing. LOL

Speaking of the For Sale List...

We still have three boys that REALLY need to go. Jack (you can see one leg in the background) and then Danny and Hutch. These guys are really STUNNING, I am hoping that once we get the new babies and have people coming to look at them, that they will need a Buck as well and we can sell them then. I was bad... I didn't nag Hubby about taking them off to Auction when they didn't sell this Spring, and we got busy and I quit running the ads... so they are still here. I just have such a hard time taking my kids to auction. I have no way of knowing what happens to them!! And yes, some do find good homes at Auction. But many... well we do not raise Cabrito here!

Now how about a few dogs?

Do you think Autie can ever say he isn't Chica's Daddy?

 LOL Darn they are cute. Autie is doing much better. Allergies really were the issue, and with his medicine he does just fine. He actually hasn't had any medicine most of the week, until yesterday... we both needed some drugs before the rain came in. Blew in some nasty pollen. All the doggies had been out running in the morning dew and were waiting to go back in for breakfast. Chica is smaller than her Daddy Autie... that must be from Libbie's side.  But that face... that is all Autie! And those melt your heart big brown eyes... those just kill me. Oh and her chest mane is starting to grow and match up to Autie's. His is stunning for the 3 1/2 minutes he is clean and brushed.

And how about one of Miss Libbie...

She is hardly ever a mess. She is about as wide as she is tall with that fur all pooffy.. well that and those extra 4 lbs the Doc lectured her and told her she has to loose weight. She is still beautiful.  I tell her it is ok, we will get the weight off... until then just claim she is big boned, it is water weight, it is all fur, whatever she needs to feel ok with it. I'll worry about the diet food and limiting the high fat treats.

That is it for this week, hope you got a giggle or two, or at least a smile :0 )

I'll see you tomorrow for Me and My Space.. hope you have a wonderful Saturday and do something fun!

HUGS and


Anonymous said...

Hank must have spent hours in front of a mirror to get that 'do. Lookin' good, buddy!!! :)
Great photos as always, love the one of Gato.
Have a lovely weekend.

Marilyn said...

Great post and I thoroughly enjoyed the pics. I love Hank's hairdoo and it looks like he knows it makes him special. Funny pic of Gato too and doesn't that break your heart about poor Gidget?
Great pics of the doggies too and thanks for another Saturday morning of Animal Crackers.

Ellie Maggie said...

I absolutely laughed my head off (not literally!) at Gato's photo, love it! Hank's wet hair on his 2nd photo looks like the top of a pineapple, bless him. Oh Gidget, poor thing, but Autie and Chica are like peas in a pod, just beautiful. Miss Libbie looks like a serene queen, all elegant and ladylike. I had a great time reading this week's animal crackers and hope you are having a good weekend.
Ellie Maggie x

Carol Dee said...

You have to keep teh bed for Gato! I love that. :) My goodness you do have some very handsome goats. Giddget is just so sweet looking. Maybe she would be a good pet for someone. YES, Chica looks like her Daddy :) Have a wonderful weekend, hugs...

Kittie said...

Hank is so adorable. Too bad he smells as I would want to pet him. The dogs are ll so cute.

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, I would say that the bed is claimed; great picture of Gato; it perfectly fits! Hank is a great dude; love this hair. Nice to see all the pictures; only missing one of Tuco. Hugs, Helen