Saturday, September 1, 2012

Animal Crackers - Clean Kids? Really???

Hello Saturday - I will have two post today - one of those odd months when the first of the month falls on Saturday, and the first of the month is Whimsy Stamps Release Showcase. Sorry that there will be two, but I didn't think that you would want to miss Animal Crackers this week.... and I didn't want to add my kids to a Whimsy post.. that deserves a post all of its own. So two it is.... Whimsy post will pop on after this one later in the morning.

This week I actually thought ahead and took my camera outside and took some photos of some of the kids. One thing I was trying to capture, the dogs all got baths one afternoon this week, and they were all so gorgeous, soft and blowing in the wind. I took a million photos (thank goodness for digital) but all my photos of Libbie, her eyes were crossed or closed. And of Autie... well he was just a blur. That boy LOVES to be clean and runs to show everyone just how handsome he is. I did get a few good ones of Chica and Tuco though.

First up Tuco -

My baby is just about all grown up :0(   He is actually just about 9 months old. And if I do say so myself... absolutely stunningly handsome!   He really does have some gorgeous copper coloring on him, and his black in his blue merle is much darker than Libbies. Such a cutie!

Speaking of cutie... Sweet Chica -

She is my "thinker" She LOVES to find a spot in the yard and watch everything. OH she can get wild with the other dogs. But most of the time she is the last to get inside, as she is in her own little world stretched out watching life. She has her Dad's gorgeous long fur. Gorgeous yes, but sigh... all over the house. When clean though, just so beautiful. Her chest isn't quite as long as Autie's, but still flowing and pretty. She was actually just a tad still wet here, and hadn't had her final brushing. After they are all totally dry I went over everyone and gave them a final primping. For a couple of minutes after that they were all show dogs... then they heard a donkey hee haw and ran to the back door to go out and run, bark and roll around in the freshly mowed grass.... oh yes.. .that is my kids!

One of the new kids on the farm.. BIG Moe -

One of Hubby's cats from the business we sold. Yes, they are still in the "coop". But we had an issue with the outside dogs being very interested in them, and Hubby has been a little worried about his kitties. So for now they are safe, protected and seem to like watching all the animals around them from complete safety. That first week or so they did jump and freak every time a donkey yelled out or a goat screamed in a glass shattering high pitch. Totally new sounds for a city cat to hear you know... but now, they just like perching themselves in a shady spot and watching all their new family. All be it an odd mixture of family. Big Moe... he is the calmest, slowest and honestly my favorite. I like to think of him as "Autie" of the cat group... Big, Loving, Calm and totally affectionate!

Now did I tell you that we weaned Pedro a couple of weeks ago?

He is no longer following behind his Momma Darlene, nope he has had to accept the hard reality of being a big boy. And that means living in the Frat House Boys pen. He had to learn the pecking order of authority... Sergio is in charge. The rest, they just fit in. Pedro seems to have settled in just fine. And he has even found a few buddies... here he is taking a rest on the back end of one of his new pals. Can't you see him thinking... "Man life was so much easier when I lived with Mom.... fresh milk, protection, and I was spoiled rotten..."

I let the girl goats out of their pen into the back yard each night usually just for a few minutes to give Hubby a chance to gather their feed and get into the gate without being attacked. He normally just gets seconds until they realize he has dinner and then he is lost in a sea of starving goats. (they always think they are starving) Well I didn't realize that he wasn't done with the donkeys this night, and the goats were out in the back yard for about 15 minutes.... time enough for Miss Sandy to find her way up onto the back porch to show a few of the other young girls where the grain is...

Here Sandy is up on the can of feed... I think she is explaining how she has figured out her plan - that they can work together and turn over the can and have all the feed for themselves... the other girls were very excited and joining her on the porch as fast as they could. I snapped a couple of shots... and then headed up myself to protect a entirely full can of grain from some greedy little girls. :0)

Last photo is Sunset one night last week...

Didn't last long at all - but WOW it was a gorgeous Texas Sunset!

Now please visit me again later today - there will be a second posting today (sorry couldn't be helped) There will be a second posting today for the new Whimsy September Digital Stamps Release -

Have a wonderful Saturday - I should be at a City Garage Sale if all things go as planned! :0)
HUGS and  -


Anonymous said...

Good morning from the UK, thanks for the terrific photos - poor Pedro, but we all have to grow up sometime. :) The one of Tuco almost made my jaw hit the keyboard. I still remember him as a tiny puppy, so to see him now is a big shock. :) Now, he is such a handsome boy & his colouring is beautiful.
Have a great weekend.

Carol Dee said...

I love visiting you menagerie! IT must be a riot there most of the time! :) Enjoy your day at the sales and ope you find some fun new treasures. hugs....

Marilyn said...

Thanks Michelle! Another great Saturday morning reading about and seeing pics of a glimpse into your lives with the kids.

Karen McAlpine said...

That feed can doesn't stand a chance of staying up right! LOL. Tuco sure has grown! Really enjoyed all the photos of your farm.

Kittie said...

What a gorgeous sunset picture. You got it at the perfect time. Oh, by the can pack Chica up and send her my way. I think she is positively adorable. I wonder if she could live in the house with my four cats. LOL! Hugs. I love seeing Animal Crackers every week.

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, what a gorgeous pictures of the dogs. Awesome!!!
Pedro is way too cute with this look. Glad he found new friends. Great to read your animal crackers. Have a nice weekend.
Hugs, Helen