Sunday, September 23, 2012

Me and My Space - A couple of Auction Goodies

As promised I thought I would show you a couple of goodies that we got at the auction last week. We has list of things we were planning on bidding on, had a list and what our top price would be on each item. You have to be strong you know - you can get sucked in to the competition of an auction. And then you end up paying way too much for things. So we try really hard to have a limit and don't go over it. We stuck with it... and lost most things I wanted. LOL.. my limits... well a few things went for 3 and 4 times my limit. Oh those things weren't meant to be mine right? Even if one was a gorgeous County Courthouse sorting cabinet? Oh it was SO gorgeous, Pretty Oak with old wavy glass doors, and inside shelves, all about two inches apart. I could see all my card stock sorted, looking like a rainbow behind that wavy glass. Well it went past my top of the line and just kept on going and going. Sigh... it was so depressing. But then we were watching things and had a long while before our next item and this really handsome desk came up for auction, I had looked at it briefly, but I have absolutely no where to put a desk. So I didn't look long at it at all. Well.. there it was, and it seemed that most everyone there had no where for it either, was it going to hammer down for a steal? I looked at Hubby and I think he was thinking the exact same thing. As were just a couple of others, and it went up just a bit... Hubby bid and BAM. It was done. And we now had a desk... and no where to put it! LOL

But could  you have left this behind?

Well we didn't. This photo is from the auction cuz.. it isn't quite in a photograph-able state just yet. LOL I have had to really move my craft room around, got rid of one piece that I was using. And now it sits behind me here in my craft room! Now Hubby was saying that I could place my Big Shot Pro on it and keep the dies inside. That won't work though, cuz I would have to move the Pro every time I want to open the doors. Darn.. So I have my Pro on a table next to it, and then all my dies are inside. It is a wonderful piece.. I still can't believe it is sitting here! Now Hubby and I have agreed, that if we do get to do a Antique Show in the future that it will be a piece that we will take with us, great display and a work space.... that is the plan anyway.

I also was the high bidder on a pair of Mantle clocks. Shocked..  I really didn't think we would win them but we did. This is my favorite of the pair, but basically they are almost alike. 

Sorry, for the photo on my stove. But honestly there is so much on every flat spot in my house, the stove was the only clear place. This is a circa 1970's  Jerome & Co. Mantle Clock, with a reverse painted floral front, in a rosewood case. Still has its original label inside! We wound it up and set it as soon as we got home. Surprisingly even as dirty as it is, it keeps really good time and has a really pretty chime. The other looks about the same, just a tad taller, and has a geometric square flourish pattern instead of the flowers. So Hubby is going to do a little cleaning on both of them, and then they will be two pretty pieces for sale. And until this one is sold... I am thinking I will let it chime away in my Dining room. :0)

Other than that.. the only other piece I got was a small painted glass front table display cabinet. It wasn't on my list of wants. Was the end of the auction, not many people there, and it was really cheap... so Hubby shrugged and bid. LOL It will be great for showcasing small pieces in this future booth we are planning.

I love Auctions, and I could have spent the farm on some of the pieces there. Gorgeous Furniture, HUGE pieces. And that stopped me... well.. that and they went for tons of money. OHHH there was one table top piece that I told Hubby it was mine! HOLD that number up and don't take it down until the hammer hits! It was oak under this odd pink paint. With THIRTY, yes, 30 drawers. Each drawer had this gorgeous mid 1800's cast iron pulls on them. I could already see it across the back of my desk, with my ribbon pharmacy cabinet and my library cabinet sitting on top. SO fabulous! But as the price kept climbing.. 200... 300... 400... I grabbed Hubby's arm and said uh no.. that is not smart at all! But I will be looking for another one I can assure you!

You ever go auctioning? You find anything fabulous that you treasure?  It is a sport all on its own, the thrill of the bidding and winning and bringing things home! Love it! LOL I just need to find more around here that I can go to... Hubby may not agree with that though! ha!

Normal things I think today... Breakfast with the Locals... a few rounds around the flea market, then home to do a few chores around the farm.

Have a great Sunday! Enjoy it...
HUGS and-

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Carol Dee said...

Auctioning can get pretty adictive! LOL. Love the desk.
Usually we get out bid on the bigger stuff. Did bring home an Eastlake Full size head board for about $10 and dresser for $15. From a poorly attended sale we stumbled upon while visitng my Brother up river.