Saturday, September 22, 2012

Animal Crackers - Who Me?

 oops... this week got by me pretty quick. What was I doing? Not too much, I have been cleaning out cabinets, drawers and such trying to get together more stock for my ebay sales. We took a day and went hunting  for  goodies as well. I am pretty close I think to opening a ebay store I think. I didn't end up doing a few weeks ago because I just didn't have enough "stock" but we have been finding quite a bit around here and out and about so I may just go for it. Then again we have been talking about a booth somewhere. One day at a time I suppose, then I will have a for sure plan. I had my monthly Doctor's appointment to get my check up for my weight loss. I have a 37 pound loss so far. SLLLLOOOOOWLY it is coming off. But I know that is how I need to do it, and as long as each week it is some sort of loss and no gains I am ok with it. My goal was 100 pounds in a year. It may take me a little longer than that... but hey took me a lifetime to put it on so if it take a year and a half or even two years and I have trained myself how to eat better and live healthier It is all good.

How about a few photos I have taken the past week - First up... Mr. Tuco.... So the dogs were accidentally let out the other evening while the sprinkler was going in the back yard. Before we had the rain we were trying to save the grass in the back yard... If it dies out too soon then the dogs have just dead grass in spots and dirt, and then they play in it, and then the back yard ends up in my house... seriously I sweep up and just put it back out in the yard sometime cuz it is nothing but dirt. Anyway we forgot the sprinkler was going, the other three dogs stayed on the other side of the yard, but Tuco... well he decided that it was really way too much to try and contain himself. Now you have to remember, that Tuco is one of the dogs that WILL NOT go outside if it is raining... but a sprinkler, that is totally different. He ran barked and his fresh pretty fur from his bath a couple of days before - well now he was a smelly wet dog. And more than that he then went and found some dirt and played in it.  "Tuco.. are you the one that tracked all the water and mud in my house" He tried to go and hide. "Come here Tuco... Did you track all this in?"  And that face was all I got back. I seriously think that is his "Who Me?, Not me I am really cute and always innocent."look,   he gets away with a lot with that face.

I thought I should update you all on Patti. She is all better. At least she acts and looks all better. She is eating and has put back on most all the weight she had lost. She is roaming with all the other Ladies and I am so thrilled.

All the test finally came back in. And pretty much told us... well not much. All they could say for sure is that it seemed that it was some sort of Toxin. That could mean something bit her that was poisonous, or something that she was highly allergic too. After finding the Copperhead snake very close to her barn, we all agree that was more than likely the cause. I am just glad our gal Patti is back to herself again.

Speaking of eating... I cannot even express to you how thrilling it has been the past couple of weeks to look across our pen into our neighbors and see all our Ladies grazing... all day.... and all night. LOL they have really needed fresh grass. Their pen never got a chance to really grow much after last years drought. They would eat up every blade of grass as it would sprout. Now they are getting spoiled with overload of grass. But that is ok.

Goats... haven't shown many photos of them recently have I? They are all growing and getting so big. The little girls are nearing "full size" They will still fill out as they age, but their height is about there. The older Mom's well they are getting bigger too. But theirs is WIDE. WOA we have some really big Mommas. I have them dated for November births. But seriously, there are a couple that I wonder if one of the Young Boys were.. ahem... active early. Will have to keep a close eye on them.  I will try and get some good photos of them this week so you can see yourselves just how huge they are. I really love all our goats, but I still think Gracie is my favorite to photograph.

Even with my phone.. she takes great photos. It is almost like she stares through the camera at you. She is for sure a Super Model Goat.

OH.. wanted to also share one of about 40 photos I took early in the week after the rains. Hubby called me outside and said hurry you don't see this too often. Most of the time one of the animals is doing something really stupid, or he has found some "rare" bug for me to see. But this time it was something really beautiful.

I had a horrible time getting photos of it. But we had an amazing view of a full rainbow. I just couldn't get a photograph of it at all. We could see it from the ground on both ends! It was so bright and vibrant,  and the longer we stayed out and watched it the bolder it became. And you can barely see it in this photo, but soon there was a second rainbow appearing! It wasn't nearly as bold, but it was there. But then as fast as it was there, the sun started setting and it was gone. And before I got a chance to look for the pot of gold!!

And last today.. wanted to show you the "garage".  I am sure you think we have totally forgotten about that gorgeous 1913 Model T Ford we got a few weeks ago. No we open up the trailer and sigh and stare at it almost daily. But it can't come out for us to play with until there is a safe storage for it. Safe from - Bugs (wood wheels can't be stored on dirt or gravel) .. and then Donkeys, Dogs and varmints. The Concrete Slab is all done...

Has the pipe for a sink in the corner, and electrical box up front. A ramp for a 16 foot roll up door in the front, and then a small door across the back for ventilation when working in it. Well now as of last night I can report that the building has arrived to the property. Flat and on a trailer, but technically it is here. Yesterday Hubby drove the near 2 hours and took down the building from the friend we purchased it from. It is a "model" garage for his business. We got it for a good price, but Hubby had to take it down and bring it home. Now it is just a matter of putting it back together. I think Hubby will take a day or two to rest, then he will be going like crazy to get it up and completed. It is killing him not getting to start working on the "T". But a couple days rest after getting the 20 x 24 building apart, down, and loaded onto a trailer just him and one other guy, in less than a day... that was not an easy job.  He was showing me that he can fit at least two cars, maybe three in this garage ... one car at a time babe... LOL

ok.. time to get things going. I really hope to get things in order today, and house all clean and sorted. Making me nuts having stuff sitting around everywhere!! So what are you working on this weekend? Have fun plans? Share... I would like to hear about some fun!

Have a great one... I'll see you tomorrow for Me and My Space. (It is scheduled again... lets see if it works this week!)

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I'm so pleased Pattie has recovered, she looks great & Gracie really is beautiful with those gorgeous markings. And as for Mr. "I'm totally innocent" Tuco, well, what can I say?? That photo made me laugh out loud. Lovely to see the donkeys grazing on such green grass at this time of year. Good luck to your hubby getting the new building up, I hope all goes smoothly. It will be great to see the Model T in its new home. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Carol Dee said...

Lovely rainbow, sorry you did not find the pot of gold! I was hoping for a relaxing weekend... HA! Ended up picking 4 grocery bags of tomatoes, one of jalapenos and one of kohlrabi. (sp?) Now I HAVE to do something with them. Plus try and pick up a VERY cluttered house and do laundry. *sigh*
The garage is going to be so nice when it is done. Hmmm room for more, you know what that means? :)
HAve a restful weekend. hugs...