Saturday, March 16, 2013

Animal Crackers - cheep cheep cheep

Howdy - Lots going on here on the farm. #1 priority Hubby is building the new chicken coop.. Yeah I know we have been doing that for over a week now. Keep getting interrupted for other priorities. But it is really coming together nice, and the Guineas are not quite old enough to go in yet. They are huge don't get me wrong can't believe how big they have gotten in two weeks. But when you see them next to these guys... they look enormous!

Are they not just the cutest? We got 7 baby chicks this week. Rhode Island Reds. We decided on 6 Reds. Then we would 6 different ones this week in their next shipment. But there were 7 at the feed store. I couldn't buy 6 and leave one to be all alone could I?... so we have 7 :0) they are so cute, we have had them three days and they are already growing like crazy! and their wings have started growing their feathers. They are much sweeter than the Guineas... sorry but they are, the Guineas spook and freak out too often. These little chicks run around and when you catch them they do calm down and let you hold them. Can't wait to watch them grow up. :0)

Speaking of growing up... This is Hank and his Posse of young boys.

All the little girls we want to sell are now gone. We kept three girls out of this group. But we really need to sell boys, but only to homes we know will love them. For now Hank is happy with them, and being their leader

 This one is funny...  They love the cool water as the buckets are being filled...

 This is the little girls pen, and they were begin calm and lined up for their turn. Well as I snapped they were calm... then things got a little wild. LOL

Now the boys, we have issues. The guys as soon as the buckets get less than 1/2 full of water they like to turn them over and then carry the buckets off. Heck they all love to do that not just the little boys.

 Now it is funny to watch them carry the buckets from the rope handles, or edges of the buckets. But even funnier when they flip it upside down. Once it is upside down they have nothing to grab it by. But that doesn't stop them from trying! Pavo was even trying to kick the bucket to help. I have no clue what they think they are biting on the top to pick it up. But it was funny to watch. They were making lots of noise kicking at the bucket and snorting....

Not to far away is the Cat Condo... And Samantha "Sam" was watching -

I can only imagine the thoughts running through her head. "Dumb boys... what is the point of biting it and kicking that bucket... way to much energy for nothing. Not like it is a bug, a butterfly, mouse or leaf blowing across the pen"  Yes those are things Sam like to chase and move at any speed for.

There was a fraction of a split second that I caught Tuco sitting still -

It isn't a perfect photo, a bit blurry even. But it really shows off Tuco's gorgeous coloring doesn't it? And it was nice of him to slow down in front of my geraniums wasn't it? Nice background. I can't believe how much he has grown up. In fact the other day he was standing even with Autie right next to him and I was shocked. He is actually about an inch taller than his Daddy, Autie. Not quite as wide as Autie but taller! ;0)

So what do you have planned for the weekend? Work Work Work here.. Farm life never takes a break! And it is wonderful isn't it.


Anonymous said...

Great photos. Hank is certainly the king of his particular castle, isn't he? :) It will be lovely to see the chicks as they grow & of course, Tuco is, quite probably, the handsomest dog in the world. Have a great weekend.

Carol Dee said...

Perfect place for a photo Tuco! Love the flowers in the BG. :) Hank looks like the King in that photo. (Hope you are able to find homes for some of the other Handsome boys sooon.) Heehee I find it kind of funny that you are buildng a second coop 'cause the 1st turned into Cat House! Love the sweet photo of SAm. She is Beautiful. Hugs to all.

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, what a great photos again. Love the one of Tuco, but the one with the boys kicking the bucket is hilarious as well. Thanks for sharing. I am a bit later around as I had some me-time today and followed a workshop with Stampin'up (check my blog to see what we did; I think you love it). Tomorrow hopefully some me-time at home. Hugs, Helen

Ellie Maggie said...

Yes your geraniums are looking good Michelle! Tuco is so handsome and Sam is looking very serene and a typical relaxed cat surveying the situation perfectly. The shot of Ramon and Pavo is hilarious, I'd love to have seen (and heard) that in person! We had a lovely time visiting parents today and hubby will be busy getting our downstairs carpets up tomorrow ready for new ones to be fitted Monday, that should finish off the decorated rooms nicely. Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your hubby,
Ellie Maggie x

Rufus said...

Silly boys, great photo. The story of them with the water bucket made me laugh and then what Sam was thinking as she watched funny! Of course you've got 7 way could you leave just one all by itself. You'd think that Tuco was posing there, with the perfect background.

Dianne said...

Wonderful post Michele,the pics are fabulous and you are so funny, I sat and laughed over my tea had to have one with the post, thanks for always sharing you life with us...