Saturday, March 23, 2013

Animal Crackers - Dirty Kids

Howdy -
   My kids have been bad... the little boys have been. These sweet little boys the last couple of days have decided that their mineral bucket that they are suppose to lick and get added vitamins and well.. minerals. The past few days they have been playing in it, rolling in it, laying in it, basically just being boys.

A mess right? They are all a mess... Peter is the worst though! I think he was just rubbing his entire head in the bucket! But Charles comes in a close second. We actually took the bucket out for a while. I think they need some time without the mineral bucket!

The girls aren't that messy... and I think Gracie was making fun of the boys and sticking her tongue out at the boys that she has a mineral bucket and they don't.

Watch it Gracie.. you get messy and we will take it away from you too! LOL

It has gotten pretty hot here this past week. Shade is already becoming valuable places around here.

Lucy had found a spot under one of the huts... she was guarding it well, only allowing her buddies to come into the shade. She is like that :0)

Ellie Mae was enjoying the large Oak tree -

Was actually a pretty nice place to be... in the sun it was pretty warm. But under the tree it was just a bit breezy and nice.. Smart Donkey Ellie Mae!

Felicia and found some shade from a tree too.

 Ok, so there was a little bit of shade from a smaller tree, but shade is shade!! Hubby planted a 1/2 dozen live oak trees a couple of years ago... future large shade for the donkeys.

Bird Update -

The little Chicks have started growing in their wings!

 I waste so much time just watching them. They are so darn cute... the past couple of days they have been stretching out their wings showing them off to each other. Adorable!

 The Guineas are HUGE!

 They are ready to go out into the pen and live life now. Hubby just needs to get the fencing finished.. make sure that top is on secure cuz these guys I think could fly right over it now. Still don't have names for them... Can't tell them apart actually... LOL


Marilyn said...

Thanks for another great post. I do look forward to these every Saturday morning and love the little glimpse it gives me of your life with the animals. Silly goats... Peter looks so funny! The chicks and hens are growing fast!

Ellie Maggie said...

Once I settle down on a Saturday afternoon my first task is to check into your Animal Crackers and Peter & Charles have certainly gone crackers this week! What a mess, but fancy you spoiling their fun ;) The way Lucy's standing says she's ready to fight for her shade and the donkeys look nice and cool. Felicia's photo shows just how minature they are next to that young tree. The chicks and guineas are growing up so fast too! Plenty going on in the Texas sunshine, over here in UK I'm baking and putting my feet up in the warm with 8 inches of snow and it's still coming down. Enjoy your weekend Michelle,
Ellie Maggie x

Carol Dee said...

PMG, boys will be boys! They could BE the salt lick for the rest of the pen until clean. So envious of the sun and shade. Still too cold with snow in the forecast. Will spring EVER come. Have a fun weekend, hugs....

Helen said...

what a gorgeous pictures again; the boys look just like my German Shepherd; went out for a walk this morning and each muddy place she took a dive into, next to that the farmers had put some P... on their land and she walked right through it (nice smell .....) Hugs, Helen

Bernice said...

Oh those wee chicks are so cute! We have four but they were all grown up by the time we got them - great egg layers though.