Monday, March 25, 2013

Me and My Space - Gone with the Wind

Howdy - Now that title could go a lot of different directions here again! Has it been windy where you are? Man I feel like we are going to have to tie down the animals out side some days! And just about the time it calms down and is nice... another front comes around and it blows like a hurricane again. Oh well it has kept it cool and the animals do love that, it won't be long and it will be 100 degrees and I'll wish the wind was here.

But today's title is about a few dolls I just listed last night from the estate. I fell in love with them when I found them. They are just so cute.

These are 8 inch Madame Alexander dolls from the 1980's Gone with the Wind series. I have listed three of them. I think there may be a couple more in one of the boxes, but for now I just had to get these on Ebay -

There are two Scarlett's -

My favorite is the one in the fabulous Green Curtains Dress - only Scarlett could get away with wearing the family curtains!

But she is gorgeous in her Red and white Ashley's farewell dress

The third one is Mammy - You just have to love Mammy - 

 She is really pretty but my favorite thing is that they have her wearing a bright red pedi coat! Love that.

They are fun and not huge money to collect, that is why I think Madame Alexander Dolls are still so popular. Of course the older ones are really collectible and can get pricey, but the newer ones are just fun and decorative small investment items.

Now this estate has lots of KEN dolls from all eras - I have sold quite a few of them. I have one listed right now that is just too many memories from my childhood...

Long Hair Mod Ken.. he is too wonderful! Hysterical! He has on a red and silver Tuxedo Jacket from the 1970's... He just makes you smile doesn't he? LOL

So did you have Ken doll? Or Madame Alexander? Which ones?

HUGS and-

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Carol Dee said...

Mammy is sweet. Love her cheeks. Ken.... I think I may have dated Ken! (oh the fashions we thought so cool in the 70's) :) LOL. Have a great week. hugs...