Sunday, March 10, 2013

Me and My Space - A Few Good Dolls...and/or Action Figures?

Howdy - thought I would show of a few fun items from the Estate I am working through - I think I have finally sorted through most everything except for a few of the fashion boxes. Everything else has been sorted and reboxed in "like" items. Basically decades.. LOL It really has been amazing the items coming out of the boxes has taught me so much. I am even finding myself looking at shops and auctions at more "mid-century" dolls and toys.

Here are a few things that I thought were fun this past week -

Lots of GI Joe items have been found - Some really awesome.

This guy use to be a talker, his string is missing. He may still talk if someone can repair him. The great thing about him... He is a fuzzy head with beard - early GI Joe... and his fuzzy head is great with no rub worn spots.

Found a couple really fabulous collector dolls -
This is an early 70's Sasha Doll - Brunette Hair Brown eyes - Her hair is amazing, really thick and full. Many of these dolls have to have replacement hair from what I have read. They get hair cuts to make them more fashionable. Sadly I couldn't find original Sasha clothes for her (yet) but she has a cute outfit and snazzy shoes.

Another really fabulous collectible  - Very rare find here!

This is an Anette Himstedt doll - Made in Germany, this is one of the first released. This is Bekus. Now I am just learning all about these "mid-century" dolls - more modern dolls than I am use to dealing with. Bekus is rare because most of the Himstedt have production in Germany and then a certain number for release in the U.S., Bekus though... he only had 60 made, all for sale in Germany and then he was no longer produced. This one is still in the box and in all his original clothes. He really is a good looking doll, with bright big bold eyes. Can't wait to see what he does on ebay... hopefully someone that really loves these dolls can add him to their collection. A very special doll -

Small but really pretty -

Found a small box with about a 1/2 of dozen Beatrix Potter Figurines. All date from the late 1940's and early 1950's. They are all in perfect condition. and the paint is bright with no rubs or chips. They really are wonderful -

Now this one baffled me for a while I knew who he was but just couldn't come up with it...  You know right off right?

 I am sure you just shouted it out to the screen right? Make me look silly I know...

This is Uncle Remus! From Disney's Song of the South. And he is a handmade Folk Puppet. I don't know if the lady that owned this estate made him or if she purchased him. But he is handmade. And the details on him are really wonderful. I don't know a lot about Folk Art - or Black American Collectibles but I know this is a great little puppet. Hope he finds a home in a great collection.

I wish I could show of all the stuff... takes me forever to get things done as I just keep ooh and awing over it all. Have condensed and re-boxed a ton of it and I actually can see the floor in almost 1/2 of my living room floor now! LOL

If you would like to follow my items on eBay and see more of the goodies you can find my store HERE.

Suppose to be rainy this morning... was just nasty here yesterday. Wasn't raining, Wasn't clear, just plain nasty and drizzling. I'll take the drizzle as it does help keep down the fire dangers as that is becoming a scare again. But really we need some measurable RAIN. Finger and toes all crossed for some real downfalls!

Hope you have a great Sunday -
HUGS and-


Anonymous said...

Interesting dolls. I have no idea who Uncle Remus is, so don't feel bad. :) Hope you get lots of rain very soon. I'd send it from here if I could, we have more than enough.

Carol Dee said...

My sister loved Beatrice Potter, Decorated the boys nursery with her critters. Really cute. We have been getting much needed rain here also. Finaly meltin the late season snow and looking more like spring.YEAH. Have a great day,hugs...

okienurse said...

Awesome dolls! My DD just dropped several boxes of dolls off from her MIL estate. She said she didn't want them and when I told her about what I had read on your blog she brought them over and dumped them off on me...exact words were keep them or sell them she didn't care. A couple are old and crazed and there are several Avon Barbies still in the boxes. I don't know what I will do with them!!!