Saturday, March 2, 2013

Animal Crackers - A New Prospective -

Howdy - Now when trying to find a title for this weeks Animal Crackers post I came up with A New Prospective - a few reasons and they all fit with the title in different ways -

So lets see what happened this week that have me thinking this way -

Nallie is up first  - she is so good riding in the car - :0)

We took her back to the vet this week, her third visit since "getting into it" with the coyote. She got her many stitches out of her shoulder, examined and said to be 100% back to herself. Now I don't honestly think she ever was not herself. Even the morning we found her she was like it was no big deal. After surgery, and all the stitches and an over night stay at the Doc's she came home and went to running after rabbits and it was all no big deal. She is one tough girl - And my new prospective? Well the three outside dog's "were" the neighbors dogs. Hubby and I were the ones to find all the puppies the day they were born. And we have loved them as the neighbors dogs from that day. Now that we have adopted these three since the neighbor has had to move away, we have always loved them and they live on our property. But they "were" the neighbor's dogs. But in the past month it has changed. These three dogs are ours now. They can never leave here - They are part of the family - They protect our family and we are very happy about them joining us. We have always loved them, but now... now they belong here.

Next this week... we sold a bunch of goats.

First to leave us was Tonto, Joanie, Leiah and Gidget. How we said yes to selling Gidget I don't know. She is not one of the "kids" that we planned to be selling. But we really liked the people that purchased them. And they really wanted to start doing some breeding and since the two little ones are still too young... somehow it came around to how much she loved Gidget - and with in a few minutes we were loading her on their trailer. Hubby has been depressed ever since. Gidget is our "special" one from last Spring. She was a single baby, late and picked on by everyone else. Hubby became her pal. She is skittish, but curious and talkative. I know she will be happy in her new home. And in reality Hubby and I have decided that now Gidget has a new prospective... she is no longer the last one, the single, the one picked on. Now she is the older sister... the leader and the one to look up to. So we are happy about that! We also sold two more late yesterday afternoon - I didn't get a goodbye photo of them as I wasn't here while they were loaded, just barely got to say goodbye at the gate as they were leaving and I was coming home. Lady Di and Camilla left for a new home. Yes.. I said I was going to keep them both. But honestly - we have a pretty good size group right now and I decided that I would only keep two out this years girls. One to replace Gidget, Mary... and then for some reason I just can't let Jennifer go. Now if we could only sell a few more boys we will be good for this season. Only about 5-6 weeks before we start all over an split some of the girls up between the Bucks.

A new view and perspective of a few donkeys - You see yesterday afternoon I ran into town to do a little fast shopping (needed new jeans as the only two I have that I can still wear are seriously falling off of me, soon to have none that I can wear in public! :0) !!! )  Anyway I also got a pedicure while out. Things were taking a bit longer at the nail salon and I was worried I wouldn't get home before the sun started setting and no photos for today could be taken. So I texted Hubby and asked him to go out and snap a few for me. I love them... they are different angles than I normally do and he decided that it had been a while since I walked out to the front pen and snapped photos... so here is his prospective -

Fancy Pants -

I know I have gone into length in the past about Fancy Pants - Gorgeous red/brown donkey. Never has been able to get pregnant. And She is so controlling that she doesn't allow anyone else to get pregnant either. Runs off the Jack and beats the tar out of him. So she has lived in our front pen along with her 1/2 brother Miguel and Rico for the past couple of years. Both boys are geldings. Now she is the leader of them. And they really don't seem to mind. They just let her think she is in control so everyone is happy, and they go about their life doing as they want.

He snapped a great close up of Miguel and Rico - totally different than I would have -

Our useless geldings .. we love them dearly and they are basically just pets. If we can ever get the front fencing redone we will let these two guys roam with the standards hopefully. But where the standards don't try and get out, Miguel and Rico would just walk under the wires and what is basically fencing and be gone. So for now they are ok in their pen... with Fancy in control.

Hubby then snapped a photo of one of our studs, Black Jack. Funny angle on this one too -

Love this old man - I think he is getting close the big 17 or 18 years old now. But he is still one great Buck. He has really given us some gorgeous babies the past few years. And one day he will give us more I am sure... it is planned for the future -

I think Hubby had a great prospective I may just have to let him snap a few in the future again.

One more for today - I snapped this one with my phone from the car the other day - Now if a sky like this doesn't make you sigh and take a new prospective on life in general...

Honestly is that a gorgeous but unusual sky or what? Really does just make you slow down and think about life huh? It was really stunning in person - I took about 30 photos and none of them really showed it off as well as it really looked. I think skies like this make me slow down and remember just how big the world is and how blessed I am to have the life I do - the Hubby I do - the farm and animals - the job.. yea it was a really big sky it gave me a lot to think about ... LOL

Hope you have a wonderful day and can get a new prospective on things around you -
HUGS and -


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Love the one of Black Jack, he is very handsome. The sky pic is fab, must have looked amazing in real life. I'm so glad that Nallie has recovered. And good luck to the goats in their new homes. Have a great weekend.

Ellie Maggie said...

Woweee, what a fabulous sky! Stunning, and it certainly does make you look at the 'bigger picture'. Hubby's taken some gorgeous photos, he's got himself another job there for when you can't do it Michelle! My favourite is the close-up of Miguel and Rico, truly beautiful colourings and adorable faces. Have a lovely weekend.
E.M x

Dianne said...

What a fabulous post I did enjoy reading it very much and the beautiful pics of your lovely animals the goats are sooooo cute, I'm a city girl (yuck) and never get a chance to enjoy all the animal.Thanks for sharing and giving us city dwellers a peak of country living, and have a great week...

TA Carbone said...

Oh Michelle what a joy todays pictures are. Yes even the dog. I am so happy she is doing so much better. The pictures Hubby took are amazing. What a joy to see them close up. And that sky, it really does make you sit back and think. Miss talking with you


Anonymous said...

Texas Cropper says...

Great photos! Love, love, love the sky pic!

Helen said...

Hubby made some great pictures; he has a new job now. This sky is fabulous; makes you really wonder if there is more in this space. Great that the neighbours dogs are yours now. Have a great Sunday. Hugs, Helen

Carol Dee said...

Great post, great pics, great Hubby! Have a wonderful weekend. hugs...

Rufus said...

That sky/cloud picture is incredible would have loved to see it in real life. Hubby takes some pretty good pic's! Guess that just another one of his many talents. Yup, you're just going to have to keep him!