Saturday, March 9, 2013

Animal Crackers or Quackers?

Howdy - Little different today - First though I have to show your our THREE new family members -

Still Working on names for them.. Eeny, Miney, and Moe maybe? Or Larry Curly and Moe?

Hubby has started building my NEW chicken coop!! Since the one he built last year became his cat condo... and in reality it was too big for what I wanted. So we drew up new plans and he started building this week. We went to look at the chicks and planned to get a few... they were out. Yep.. sold out! But they had these gorgeous Guineas. Hubby has always wanted Guineas. Now I don't think we will be able to let them run free like he would like. Between the Coyotes and the outside dogs I don't think they would have a chance. So they will probably have to live in a pen too. Wonder if they can live with the goats? Probably will be better with the chickens... Anyway, They were too cute to leave. So we picked out three and they have been living on a folding table in a cage in my house. Yes... lovely messy things are in my house. Driving Miss Libbie just totally nuts. The cat... she just watches and looks at me like if you let them out I will catch them for you - only if Libbie doesn't get them first! They  have doubled in size since we got them. By the time Hubby finishes the coop this weekend they actually might be big enough to go outside and live in it! Chickens hopefully will come next week... they too will probably have to live inside in the cage for a short time. They are just so little when you get them. And totally adorable...

Now for the something different - You may remember that Hubby and I LOVE to drive around and find the ducks on ponds in our area. We were lucky enough two years ago to have a group living on ours. Too dry now though. Well we found out that one of the towns near here has a ton of ducks passing through now, and so we saddled up this week to go and see them and get some photos.... This is just a few of my favorite... I took about a million :0)

One of Hubby's favorites -
Bluebills -

The Bluebills have pretty girlfriends. Really gorgeous brown coloring.

 But he also really loves to watch the Coot's. They are funny with their bobbing heads.

May be boring, but I love to watch the Mallards. They always look so happy and I love the coloring on the hens.

The guys are handsome - vibrant.

Close ups of the Mallards - they were very friendly... until they found out I didn't have bread for them.

Hubby was thrilled to see the Shoveler - Is that a beak or what??

Fabulous feathers!

All though Mrs. Shoveler ain't so bad herself..

 Wish I could have captured how bold their coloring is... they were all stunning. And so fun to just watch their movements and interacting. 

Then a gentleman showed up and starting throwing bread in the water... so much for calm simple swimming ducks....

 I think this is my favorite photo though... Just makes me smile for some reason. You think Mr. and Mrs. Mallard was watching Me and Hubby and talking about us?

LOL... wonder what they were saying... LOL

Hope you enjoyed the ducks this week. Our family will be back next week promise, but these were just too fun to not show off this week. Hey maybe I will have chickens to show off next week :0)

Have a great weekend! Suppose to rain this weekend here... please please please rain!!
HUGS and-


Bernice said...

Great duck photos - I love th mallards to - maybe because we live in a place called 'Ballinamallard' - now how did they ever come up with a name like that!! Congratulations on the arrival of the guineas - now for the chickens next week! We got four a few years ago and although one died last autumn the others are still laying one or two eggs every day - yummy!

Marilyn said...

Great pics of the guineas and ducks! The ducks are very pretty, aren't they? The colours on the feathers are really quite amazing. Love the man mallard... that green head is such a vibrant and pretty colour.

TA Carbone said...

Those pictures of the ducks are fantastic. My son and his family feed the Mallards every weekend where they live in Lancaster, PA. As soon as they see my grandchildren they come running. My son is funny though because he buys the 50 pound back of feed just for them so I guess that is what they remember. They must get tired of bread all week and look forward to the treat.

Enjoy your weekend

Anonymous said...

Don't think I've seen shoveler ducks before, they look so unusual. Great photos. The guineas look lovely, I'm sure they'll be very happy in their new home.

Carol Dee said...

Guineas are so cool looking. I love the polka dot feathers! My DH is going to LOVE the great duck photos. He carves wood decoys. When he paints them he likes to have photos to referance for feather detail. And boy do your pics have detail. THANK YOU> hugs...

okienurse said...

love the duck photos! Guinea hens are fun. My grandparents had several and they were better then watch dogs in letting you know someone was around. Unlike the chickens they are a little more aggressive and will stand their ground and used to scare the folks dogs and coyotes off because of the racket they make. I think the guinea hens also laid smaller light colored eggs. that had huge orange yolks. Their guinea fowl used to roost in trees at night and I guarantee you you were awake at sunrise! Can't wait to see what they look like grown up. They had several colors and one actually looked like a vulture! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Texas Cropper says...

While I miss seeing the donkeys and goats, I really enjoyed seeing the ducks. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Ellie Maggie said...

Fantastic duck photos this week! Love to see the Guineas and to seeing them grow up. You can see why they're called the Shovelers LOL. I think the photo of Mr & Mrs Mallard is fab and would be ideal on an anniversary card! Loving all the different posts you do for us now, thank you Michelle, so interesting. Enjoy your weekend,
E.M x