Saturday, June 22, 2013

Animal Crackers - SMILE

Howdy -

Got home just before dark last night - just in time to head grab my camera and head out to snap photos of the "kids" outside.

Thought I would start out the photos with a smile....

Jorge was smiling for the camera... actually I think that one of the girls in the pen next to him was flirting with him... but I like to think he was smiling for the camera. :0) 

Since we had just drove up and walked in the door, the inside doggies were excited to go out with us... Chica must have just woke up and was still attached to her baby, "the flea".

She carries the flea constant when she is sleepy, nervous, in trouble, scared... don't tell her but it is "flea 3" There are a million toys around the house. But the flea... that is her baby. When Libbie is in one of her "moods" she will pick her up and walk around with it, just to hear Chica get upset. Everyone knows... the flea is Chica's -

I found Juliet and the other girls enjoying the fresh cool water Hubby was filling into their bucket.

What after a good cool drink on a hot day you don't stick out your tongue and then swish water around in your mouth? Try it one day... ( I haven't but all the donkeys love doing it... )

Little Alex -

 One of the boys that need to find new homes. He was the last baby born last year. And has been the biggest baby of all of them. He nearly made me cry when he had to be weaned from his Mom and put in with all the boys. OH my... he cried, and screamed all day. He finally got a little better... now he just screams when he is hungry, bored, sees Mom across the other pen, the wind blows, he sees a dog, ... ok he still talks quite a bit. But he is so cute it is all ok. He was "chewing" here... bottom lip and his "goatee" was really moving  fast wasn't it?

Moxie one of the outside doggies was chiling in the shade waiting for us to finish up outside. You see... once we finish with all the other animals she knows there is a big box on the back porch with "cookies" just for them....

 The three outside doggies usually get two a day. One in the morning, and then one right before dark. Makes sure they are there in the morning, and here at the end of the day and ready to find their normal spots around the house for bed time. Moxie's is just at the bottom of the steps of the front porch... unless it is bad weather then she will move up to the porch with Nally. Moxie is probably the shyest of the three. She is also the one that will smile for me - seriously she smiles! Unless I am holding a camera.

Last photo today -

Ted E. Bear was grazing by of the crepe myrtle trees.

We planted four just after we moved here 10 years ago. They have been really gorgeous this year. But now they are starting to loose their flowers. Should have taken a photo about a week or two ago -

Hope you had a smile or two today -

Have a wonderful weekend and hug a furry friend!
HUGS and


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Aww, such lovely photos, especially the one of Chica. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Carol Dee said...

Good Morning :) I love crype myrtle. They just will not survive here. SO sad. You might need to buy a lifetime supply of those fleas just in case they stop making them! Too Cute darling Chica and her flea. So you have donkeys that stick out tongues and swish water. We have a dog that SNORKLES when drinking from the pond, bucket, anything deep. Goes in clear to his eye balls! I have no idea how he doesn'r drown himself. The son thinks he can close his nostrils like a seal or something. Silly Dogs. Have a fun weekend and stay cool. hugs....

Ellie Maggie said...

This week's photos are soooo lovely. Jorge looks so funny and he has lovely colours in his fur. Aaaww Chica and her flea! If you concentrate on Juliet's eyes, it looks as though she's wearing lipstick!! Carol Dee's dog sounds like a fun dog to watch!
Have a great weekend,
Ellie Maggie x

Hilda said...

I just love to switch on my computer each Sunday and see what your babies are doing this week.Love them all. Each has their own different ways.