Saturday, June 1, 2013

Animal Crackers - What a FACE!!

Howdy -

Hope you have gorgeous weather where you are. Here in Central Texas things have been really pretty. It is just now starting to get "hot". All though Hubby says no it is still nice. Me.. it is hot mid afternoon. But something we have not had here the 1st of June - GREEN!!! It is so wonderful to see so much green grass going into summer. Been a very long time since we have seen this. And the animals are not complaining at all!

I went out late yesterday afternoon and spent time loving on some of the kids. First I went into the chicken coop to talk to the gals. (All though I am thinking one of the Guineas is a guy) Hubby is really nuts over his Guineas - me... they are ok, but I am really leaning towards them moving out of the coop. They are friendly to us, not so much to the chickens, and their feathers are really pretty, but seriously... I think this is a face that only Hubby can love...

Oh my... just don't even know what to say.

This is more my kind of face to love -

Miss Libbie - She has really trimmed down and is now back to her girlish figure. And as I said last week, she hates to get dirty so after a bath and a good brushing she is good for a while. My Pretty girl.

Back to the coop -

I found two of my Wyandottes perched and doing a little gossiping -

I bet it was about the Guineas... shh.. lets listen... "Have you seen that face? No wonderful she screams so much!"  Ha Ha...

Had to show you one more I got of the Wyandottes... it was just too cute -

Their rear ends are just cute! Right? Even their back sides are prettier than the Guineas!! :0}

Then I headed off to the young girls pen. I wanted to get some photos of the older ladies today - but they were way over on the other side of the neighbors pasture. Sorry.. Green Thick Grass.. wasn't interested in me at all. And I was too lazy to hike over to them. Remember it was hot.

But the little girls were posing so nice for me -

Felicia and Cali - They were enjoying the edge of the shade, and were waiting for Dad to finish topping off the boys water buckets and move over to theirs. They love to drink out of the buckets while they are being filled. Fresh Cool Water. But luckily I snapped before he started walking over -

Cuz as soon as they saw him approaching - Felicia started taking off.. and Cali - - -

There is always time for a little dirt bath back scratch you know ...  Is that a happy look on her face or what? Must really feel good...

Then to the boys pen. If this was Walmart - this boy would be our greeter right next to Teddy -

Jorge - Hubby says he wins the award for friendliest. How he judged that with our animals I don't know, cuz there are only a handful that aren't obnoxious friendly. But he shakes his head and says "Jorge is the friendliest of all" He is sweet - and what an adorable face.

One last photo - I got a good view of Miss Vera - One where you can see her coloring and how pretty she is.

I always wanted a grey goat. And Peso was my chance - he delivered well too. And then from Lucy's side she pulled in some of the copper. I am so anxious to see what Vera's babies will look like. We decided to wait on breeding and not have fall babies. I know... I am pouting too. But they are harder to sell in November/December - So we will go for early Spring babies.

Well I hope that today's photos gave you a grin. I took 98 photos yesterday while out snapping - So I have a more ready for next week. :0)

I will have another post today - Whimsy Release Day Blog Hop - Please come back and see ok?

Have a wonderful blessed Saturday!
Hugs and -


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. The guineas' appearance is certainly, ummm, 'interesting'. :)
Libbie is so pretty.
Have a great weekend.

Marilyn said...

Great post and such an enjoyable read and treat for the eyes. Gotta love the 'dirt bath' and the Wyandottes butts! Have a great weekend.

Carol Dee said...

Good to see all the kids looking happy and healthy! Love Vera's pretty coloring. The chicken sure are lovely. Yep Guinneas can be not so pretty! ;0) Cool feathers, though. Dots. Glad to here it is not so dry so far this summer. Right now we are on the wet side. Hard to work in the garden even when we get a break in the rains.

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing all those happy furry friends; well the Guinneas ..... I join your opinion I'd rather see the others. Overhere it is still too cold. Still have my wintercoat on although it is June 1 and we should have around 20 degree celsius (and not the 10 we had today!). Have a nice Sunday. Hugs, Helen

okienurse said...

love all the fluffy and furry pics today. Those wyandottes definitely have cute butts and the guinea...well thats a face only a momma or daddy could love. Isn't Libbie such a cute fur baby or what! Take care I am off for a shower after seeing that dirt bath! Vickie

Sandy said...

Great pictures - I love them all - especially the chooks butts!!