Saturday, June 29, 2013

Animal Crackers - End of June and the hot has arrived.

Howdy -

Hot where you are? It is here. Heck I was hot when Hubby was saying how nice it was for June. But this week... he has said it is hot more than once. Mid to high 90's and you have lost me. I am inside with the AC going. Yesterday it was over 100 and that is just too darn hot. I did take a few minutes and made the rounds with Hubby watering yesterday evening and snapped a few photos.

I was totally thrilled that all "older" gals and yes the few "safe" boys decided to come over while I had my camera out and say hello. They love the grass over at the neighbors, and the huge tree that is over the grass... LOL. But today just as they saw us coming out of the back yard, the trotted over for a visit.... or wait it may have been for the cool water that Hubby was putting in their buckets... Oh yea that was what they were liking. But hey I got to snap photos of them so whatever -

This was my favorite shot -

Angelina and Irene have really buddied up. Aren't they cute BFF's? Angelina is a carbon copy of her Mom, Macie - and the older Irene gets the more she looks just like her Mom, Patti. All though I see her Daddy too - Raffie. Two sweet girls. And two extremely friendly girls.

Hubby and I have been talking about how wonderful all of these donkeys look. They have had so much fresh green. Something they haven't had too much of the past 3 or 4 years here. Oh we fed them well during the drought. But it just isn't the same as fresh picked.. LOL

Look how trim and perfect Miss Jolene is -

She still is slicking off the last of her winter coat - but man she is pretty. She was our first long sleek all black girls. Well with the sun she has a little red in their.

I stood back and tried to get one of them all wandering around waiting for the cool water and head pets - Lacy (at the fence) She was cracking me up... she still hasn't quite figured out the chickens yet. And they were really talking...

Jazz is the "body" in the bottom left corner, and Gloria center bottom... you can really see how gorgeous they are in the sun. They are shiny and healthy looking. Gorgeous.

How funny is Miss Scarlett? Is that a stretch or what?

We named her correctly - Scarlett really fits her well. Hubby actually calls her "Red" most of the time. She was working pretty hard to reach a few leaves wasn't she. Like she has nothing else... but treats are treats.

Went over to Hubby's brother and his wife's last night. My SIL at their old house had a bunch of cats that knew she was a sucker in the neighborhood. Free meals and kept water out... you know the cat lady of the neighborhood. (I say that with a little giggle, I am one to talk when it comes to feeding and keeping to many animals! LOL) Anyway when we went out to leave her knew group was waiting for the gravy train to come outside. Yes, now instead of the Kitty radar.. looks like she has moved up to Deer. Oh and there is NO ZOOM here.

That front girl... I had to explain that my phone was not feed. While I was snapping this one she moved right up on me... I backed up quick. These are wild animals even if they have been lucky enough to live in a neighborhood buffet.

I have no clue how much these guys get fed each night .. they go from house to house like they are trick or treating! LOL ... The deer are ok.. they all look the same to me, but then there are a few of these-

Pretty stinking cute huh? Very cautious though unlike the grown ups. She wouldn't let me get very close at all -

 Hope you have a little cooler weather where you are - and if not.. pull a chair up to the window with an ice tea and enjoy the outside ... inside with the AC! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend -
HUGS and


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos this week, every one a winner. That baby deer - so cute!! And your donkeys are goats are so good looking. The weather in my part of the UK has been terrible for June, but have to admit I'd rather it than 100 degrees. Hope you have a great weekend & manage to stay cool - ish!

Ellie Maggie said...

The photo of Angelina and Irene is just perfect! All the others are fabulous and the animals have such gorgeous shiny coats. The deers are lovely but I'd prefer your furry cuties. Here in the UK if I did what you suggest with an ice tea I'd freeze, we need boiling hot tea here! It is warming up a bit more this weekend to 17/18 degrees celcius! Have a good weekend,
Ellie Maggie x

okienurse said...

Awesome photos this week Michelle! I am tired of the heat already myself. DH and I went to Nebraska last week and it was more miserable up there then here in Oklahoma! A week of 90-100 degree weather makes me happy that today is mid 80's and it looks like the rest of the week will be low to mid 80's...whats up with this weather! Have a great 4th of July! Vickie aka Okienurse

Carol Dee said...

Every one looks healthy and well feed. Oh-deer.... to many deer. They could have a problem. Espcially if they leave near a well travel roadway. We are overpopulated with white tail deer around here. It is a very common occurance to have deer and car collisions. It has been pretty nice here for a few days

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, what a lovely pictures again. Love them all and the furry friends look gorgeous and very happy and healthy. The baby deer is too cute (a little Bambi). Over here summer will not come as it should, today was grey and wet again. Hope it will get better soon. Maybe you can send some heat over here, as you seem to have too many of it .... hugs, Helen