Saturday, June 8, 2013

Animal Crackers - What is he looking at?

Howdy -
Well we got a little more rain yesterday - keeps things green around here! YEA! This week I have a few more photos that I took last week.

This photo was one of my favorites of all that I took -

I watched Autie for about 5 minutes. He was like a statue... never moved an inch...

What is he looking at???

Now you have to know Autie doesn't normally hold his attention that long. And to be that still for so long... no, well not usually, unless he is asleep and snoring. Well I couldn't stand it any longer I had to go and see what he was looking at. So I headed into the back yard to see, and just as I got there - he ate it. Yep... that is my boy. I am pretty sure it was a june bug. At least that is what we call them here in Texas. A plain brown beetle, that shows up every year about now and is here through summer. Autie likes when they show up - little snacks you know. Ewe. But better than grub worms.

Now I could ask what is Lucy looking at? But with the goats -

A goat can stare for hours and hours at absolutely nothing. Patience or just nothing better to do but stare out into nothing. I don't know.

Now I KNOW what Big Moe was looking at -

Niner one of the outside dogs was strolling by his cat house.  Moe, he loves that he is safe in his area and can still see everything going on. Even "dogs" like Niner.  Moe hate to run and hide. Heck I think Moe hates to run at all. He is a handsome man isn't he?

Uh oh - Samantha "Sam" was looking at Niner too... and...

It looks like she was sticking her tongue out at Niner - good thing she is safe in her cat house :0)

Ramon - he took a glance at me on his way to dinner. Of course he couldn't come and say hi to me - no... his dinner of hay might go stale.
 He is such a handsome boy too. He has that really dark face and his fur turns that gorgeous red. He needs to be sold to a new home and be a Jack and pass on those looks. Maybe one day  -

And then one more LOOK for you - Is this a serious look or what?

One of my Wyandottes - LOL I think she is part Hawk or Eagle... I was in snapping photos last week. Normally when I go in the pen in the evening I take in lettuce or some sort of left over treat... but that night I just came in me and my camera. Hubby is always saying to sit still too long in there if they are hungry enough they'll eat you. I roll my eyes and say yea right. But with that look... I'll keep moving around.

Last night I went into the pen to clean their water container, and check their food. I had been in earlier in the day and all was good. Well... there were 4 of the girls that all their tail feathers were missing! And their hind ends were raw! I called Hubby over trying to figure out what had happened and then it did... One of the other chickens ran over and pecked and yanked out a feather!!  Yes, I freaked, sorry I don't like my children to miss behave or have anything wrong. So I came in and read to see what the problem was. So either they are low on Protein, or bugs, or stress and overcrowded. Now reality I don't think it is any of those. Hubby says it is called a pecking order and they are just doing what birds do. But I decided to take control. They were treated just in case. Sprayed stuff that would taste bad to stop them from wanting to pull the feathers, and then added vitamins to their water. Tomorrow I'll get some Calcium, more DE and everything else they have on the shelf for chickens. Just in case.

So what is on the plans for your weekend? Here? Little bit and a whole lot of nothing much. Normal routine - Nice simple weekend. All though I think while I was out there I saw the grass grow and inch or so - Hubby is gonna have to mow probably - he already mowed once this week, but it needs it again. Great that everything is green - but not fun to have to mow so often. Especially when you have so much to mow. Nature of things on a farm.

Have a great one -
HUGS and


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Excellent photos, I love Lucy's colouring - would look great on a card, must give it some thought. Have a great weekend.

Nunt said...

Big Moe is gorgeous! I've soft spot for brown tabbys - had 2 of my own.

Carol Dee said...

I was not home yesterday so I missed your animal crakers post. Love the chicken/hawk look. Sam must figure it is safe to stick her tongue out at the dog as long as there is a fence.LOL Enjoy the rest of a relaxing weekend, hugs.