Thursday, June 6, 2013

Me and My Space - Antique Dolls in my DonkeySmiles Store

Howdy -

It has been awhile since I showed some of my latest Antique treasures that I have found and now selling. Today I thought I would show off a few of my dolls - I have gotten a few that really make me happy. One or two that will be sad to see go. But that is the nature of the business - I get to have it for a little while then it goes on to a new home.

First I thought I would show a little sweet doll - A Kestner Mold 257  Bent Limb Baby Character Doll.

Mouth full for a little doll - but even with all that info she has one other thing that just sent me over the moon when I found it as part of her  -

I purchased her at an auction. Was told all the above in her description, but also that she was a sleep eye bisque doll. No rare thing at all - but after I got her home and started looking closer she is really rare -

Let me show her first .. then I'll tell you her rare quality if you don't see it right off -
 Those that know dolls might say "oh she is a google eye" and if you only look at one photo that could be.

She does look off to the left side -
 BUT with just a little tilt of her head she will then look off to the right!!
 She is a FLIRTY EYE doll! And a Kestner! Which is a very collected maker. When the auction house listed her as a sleep eye that was correct, when they laid her back her eyes closed. But they did not realize that there was tissue paper in her head, ( a good practice when shipping bisque dolls with movable weighted glass eyes as they can break very easily ) But when I pulled the tissue out to make sure she was solid and working properly I saw all of this!!
Hubby thought I was nuts.. well many times he does... but I was yelling to come and see quick! Very detailed workings for such an old bisque doll. The weights move up and down for the sleep eyes, then side to side for the flirty eyes. OH and the sleep part... that has a rare feature too!! Usually the glass eyes just roll 1/2 way and the top part of the eye is painted flesh color. But these eyes have small metal eye lids that slide down just like eye lids! So totally cool!

Anyway... was really exciting to me, I have read about these dolls, but to have gotten one at auction as a bonus feature was really fabulous! And after I sat and played with her for a while... leaning her left to right and making her eyes move around I took all the photos and got her listed in my eBay store. There are a whole bunch of photos in the listing if you would like to know more... HA... that sounded like the movie Starship Troopers... love that movie! You can see the Kestner Flirty Eye Doll HERE in my EBay store.

I actually am listing quite a few dolls lately. We don't have too many shows over the summer - and I want to buy more dolls and different dolls for the Fall shows - so I am moving stock on eBay...

I have a tiny little Kestner doll listed - she is only 4.75" inches. Sweet little thing -
She is listed HERE -

A much larger Kestner - She measures 23" tall! And is that a hairdo or what!!
She is listed HERE -

A totally adorable little guy listed too - A Scotsman in his full tartan kilt costume! He is only 7 1/2" tall
He is listed HERE

And even a much later but just as sweet - Storybook Doll - mid 1940's for this cutie - 
 She is listed HERE -

There are lots of things going on now in my eBay store - I think I have way over 100 items now! See I have been very busy!

 I have Dolls - Toys - Cher Items - Toy Cars - Vintage Fashion Clothing - Old Creamware Ironstone - Antique Etching Art - OH... and a whole bunch of crafting items! Mostly smaller 6x6, 8x8 paper pads, Stamps and even a few Dies.

Got lots listed - I think this weekend I deserve a little crafting stamping coloring time for fun! After I do a little house cleaning ... sigh.

I'll be back Saturday for Animal Crackers -

Hugs and -

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