Saturday, June 15, 2013

Animal Crackers - What's Up?

Howdy -

I am thinking that maybe just for a little while I am going to not post and cheer about the rain. Love getting it - EVERYTHING is so Green and it is JUNE!! But things are soggy here, and we have really had some wind and heavy rain this week. Just about everyday this week I would ask Hubby what are the rain chances for the day - he would answer 10% maybe 20%... then mid afternoon dark - wind - lightning - and heavy scary rain. Check the chances then and they have changed it to 40% or 50%... yea like they stick their head out the window and realize it is raining and oops we better up the chances!

Hubby and went out yesterday morning and I snapped a bunch of photos.. and yes, I know they are all dated the 13th... but I thought it was the 13th. It was the cold medicine I am on, totally got my head messed up.

Love this photo I got of one of the Rhode Island Reds - Love the details on the feathers -

She was a little wet - not smart girls here folks - they stand out in the rain storms. But gorgeous feathers-

Speaking of not smart and just makes me want to take a shower -

This is Black Jack one of our studs. Is he crusty or what? Loves to roll in the mud. Dirt baths is what we normally would call it, but with all the rain... they are mud baths. He is Crusty! And perfectly happy. Common.. you are wanting to take a bath now right? LOL

Speaking of needing a bath - the dogs, yes they just had them, but they sure get stinky when they play outside in the wet grass. Chica is the worst... that girl loves to play outside and get totally nasty. But it is ok, with that sweet face she can have all the fun she wants.

Another Dirty Dog -

One of our outside doggies - Niner. All three of the outside dogs are just nasty. I really don't want to even think about what they have been rolling around in - Since they like to sleep in the middle of the donkey pens, you can only imagine. But sweet... Nasty yes, and totally sweethearts.  And in case you have missed in the past where Niner got his name. Started out as the neighbors dogs - she moved and we were taking care of them, they now are ours and live here. There were nine puppies... we all named them all... then we got to the last puppy... he is "Niner".

Caught Cocoa getting a little special breakfast -

Hubby feeds off of this cart - Rolls around to all the pens and breaks the hay bales and feeds each group their ration of hay from each bale. Now this is the same hay that Cocoa was fed in her little pile for breakfast. But it is soooo much better straight off the cart. Every morning she eats from her pile until Hubby is all done then she thinks she is sneaking over and no one sees her. And she gets the special stuff left on the cart. ;0)

And how is this for sweet?

Gabby and Felicia are such good friends :0) Love both of these girls, they both have super sweet personalities.

OH and BIG NEWS!!!

We moved the Guineas into the goat pen!!!!

 I didn't take photos the day we did it. Heck catching them and getting them over was just about all we could handle.  They have been in now for 3 or 4 days. And settled really well. I hope they stay in with the goats. They will be safe there - no dogs. No Coyotes. Yes, even our "pet" dogs worry me with them, they are good hunters. And I don't want them going after the Guineas. So far they have been happy there and haven't flown out. I know one day they probably will, but hopefully go right back. They have lots of grass, lots of huts, and the goats really don't care too much that they are there. Well other than the male screaming late at night or too early in the morning. He LOVES to hear his own voice.

The chickens are SO much more calm. They were getting so stressed I was worried they wouldn't lay eggs - The reds are just now getting of age, and the Guineas really did cause panic quite often. But in with the goats they are good.

Here is Hubby talking to "Beavis" while the goats are having dinner. Yes I named the male "Beavis".

He kept running over to see what the goats were eating but never would eat any. He is so funny... he follows Hubby all around, talks constantly to him. He will get inches away from Hubby and the second he tries to pet him - Whoosh - he is gone. One day I am sure he will be right on top of Hubby.

Well - better run - If the rain stays away today we are going to go and see my BIL who is set up at a local art show. We haven't had a chance to see his booth with all his paintings all hung and displayed. Looking forward to it. If the weather will be nice -

How is the weather where you are? Been scary weather the past couple of months hasn't it? Hope you will have a wonderful nice weekend where you are -

HUGS and -


okienurse said...

love all the pics this week. I truthfully am glad that the summer is coming on and the fear of tornadoes etc is almost past. Having the Moore OK tornado hit within a few miles of the house and then the El Reno OK tornado/storm system just about blew us away! Enough this year. Love the rain but like you I am about water logged. Thanks for sharing the critters with us have some the sweetest fur (and feather)babies! Vickie

Carol Dee said...

We have been lucky and the really bad weather has missed us. The creeks, streams and rivers are over their banks as we have had more thna normal rain. Still better than last summers drought!
Niner has such cool markings, love that face. :) Yeah, how could you ever scold Chica!?!? CUTE.
The guineas do luck comfortable in with the goats. Glad that is working out.

SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

Great pic and update! Wish we were getting the rain you're having. We haven't had nearly enough.

Anonymous said...

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Hilda said...

Just loved the picture of Black Jack. He's dirty and he dosen't care at all. He enjoyes himself
All your pictures are great. I look forward to them every week.
Here in Australia we are into our Winter.
I'm all rugged up and in thick tights. If I were a dog I'd be in wonderful condition as my nose is freezing.
See you next week.

PaperSunshine said...

That is great you can have the goats and guineas together. Funny about Beavis, got to ask - is there a butthead? LOL! I know what you mean about the dogs and what they roll in, my long haired chihuahuas rub their necks in who knows what in our yard (deer droppings maybe?) and then I have to remember to not give them kisses until they are bathed!!! Your donkeys looked happy even if one was a little crusty. Glad to see all is well :) Now about the weather, we've had awful weather in NC too - we lost power from the storm Thurs. until late Fri. afternoon, so many trees toppled and broke! However we are moving to Dallas now and I worry about the tornadoes there! Thanks for your wonderful weekly animal crackers posts I too look forward to them every week :)