Saturday, July 6, 2013

Animal Crackers - Guest photographer :0)

Howdy -

Well yesterday just ended up totally wild and off schedule.  Went to the Post Office, then to get a bite to eat with Hubby and friends. Well Hubby has been wanting to go and look at Jeeps. He really has been wanting one. He had one and we sold it a few years back. And since he said Tuesday he was thinking about selling his beast truck, then did on Wednesday. Yes that is what I deal with around here.... gotta be on the ball here! LOL  Well we decided to take a little time and go see a few we saw online. Get home early afternoon and work on few projects around the house... well we got home after 9pm... yea didn't happen like planned at all! HA! Like it ever does. Anyway after a few stops we found "it" and then again long story we decided it was the one but can't do all the paper work until Monday. Yea he is going to be fun to live with all weekend. Stopped by some friends on the way home to show them a few photos and talk about it. Jeep people :0) But I needed to hurry home... I hadn't taken the photos for today and the sun was going down. Their 14 year old said she had a bunch that she took last time she was out... SOOOOO this week we have a guest photographer!!!

Thank you so much Miss Madi - you saved the day!!

So all the photos today will be from a very talented 14 year photographer - a little different perspective than I normally see - and I love these photos :0)

Up first is Raffie  -

A handsome stud isn't he? And just too sweet for words. Love how so many of Madi's photos have an angle to them.

The boys -

Told you my children are friendly. This is the boys trying to get attention... from someone they just met.  Do they look stand off-ish and timid? Uh nope... not my children.

Juliet -

Actually she is not pushing quite as far as she normally does to get petted. I am sure she did after she got a little love... She does have some control when posing -

Speaking of posing... here is Crissy up on the hut.

Told you the angles are fun and different huh?

Here is one she got of Scarlett in her hut napping and possibly chewing a little cud.

At least I hope that is she is doing, I don't think she has an overbite or underbite that bad... LOL Scarlett is a pretty thing isn't she. Stunning color! And a great photo from Madi -

Here is a different one too... LOVE how she put this photo of Frankie in Black and White...

Miss the blue eyes just a little... but he is very handsome like this too - and he seems so artistic -

OH wait... LOVE this one of Leticia -

 Look at that eye... hello? You are going to pet me right? She is so adorable.

Well great photos huh? Thank you again Madi for covering me this week. I am thinking I may have someone to cover in the future when gone to shows huh? She did a great job with all the photos. In fact I have quite a few more she sent me that you may see popped in from time to time :0)

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I am thinking today is going to be a catch up day. Hubby wants to work outside, something about grass seed and the chances of rain this week. And he has to do a little fence work and barn work around here. Me... boring chores, inside and I would like to sweep off the back porch - Lots of wind this spring has left lots of dirt -

Have a blessed wonderful weekend
Hugs and


Carol Dee said...

Great job Madi. I love the B&W of Frankie. I never seem to use the B&W option. DH did the same when we went to LOOK at a new camper. Came home with one after the 1st stop and a visit to the bank.
Have a fun weekend, hugs...

Ellie Maggie said...

Loving the different angles! My fave is Leticia with that cheeky look in her eyes, really made me smile. The weekend will pass quickly for hubby if he's keeping busy, monday will soon roll around lol. Great high temps here in UK so sunbathing for me!
Ellie Maggie x

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Madi for the great photos, love the one of Scarlett.

JoanieMc said...

Love reading your blog about all your children. : ). Madi did an awesome job! Congrats to her!! Havea wonderful week and God Bless.

Heidi said...

Love the photos ♥

Heidi said...

Love the photos ♥

Heidi said...

Love the photos ♥

Helen said...

What a lovely pictures; thank you Madi. Regards, Helen

BethW said...

These are delightful-I think Madi has a great future as a photographer.