Sunday, July 21, 2013

Me and My Space - My New OLD hanging Cabinet

Howdy -

For months now Hubby and I have been looking for a hanging cabinet to put in my kitchen dining area to display and keep safe my Antique German Stick Leg Animals - Hubby was at the point of making me one and that would be great but he has such a long list of "to do's" that that cabinet was pretty far down the list.

Well last weekend while taking the neighbors around to a few of our favorite antique stores we found a perfect cabinet!!

I love it! It use to have that bright green old paint on it. The people who was selling it took the time and stripped it! Whew! Hate doing that. It holds my stick leg animals fabulously! Top shelf inside is stick leg Donkeys - Middle shelf is Stick leg Goats and bottom shelf is Misc. Farm animals... LOL On the top I have some of the horses from our "Show" box. I have a bunch I take for sale at shows. We don't have a show for a while now so I might as well enjoy them a little while right?

We have really gone nuts for these little animals. Most of them date late 1800's to early 1900's. They are a fun smaller collectible. I have seen collection's that have scenes created of total landscapes or farms.... oh if only I had the space!! LOL But for now these are safe closed up and I can still enjoy them. But wait... cabinet is pretty full... may need a second cabinet!! ;0) Better let the new on this wear off then say that out loud for Hubby to hear.

Have a wonderful Sunday -
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Anonymous said...

Lovely cabinet, your animals look perfect in it.

Carol Dee said...

Cool look. The animals look nice there. And they will not need dusting like when they are on an open shelf. Good Find.