Saturday, July 27, 2013

Animal Crackers - New BackYard Fence - Close Ups - Chicken Soccer?

Howdy -

So this week our main focus was on moving pen panels, making things look much nicer. Then reusing the old panels for our new fall garden.

Hubby did most of the work, but I was out there with a lot of the time. For a day or so this week, despite my large hat, sun glasses and longer sleeves, I ended up looking like a lobster. But it went away pretty quick. I just don't handle the sun and heat anymore. But it was worth it - back yard looks SO nicer.

Doesn't it Jennifer?
This little girl has her Grandma Lillie's eyes... not sure if that is a good thing... LOL 

Here is how things look from the back yard looking into the goat pen - Love how much prettier it is - 

 Everyone was busy here - Chloe was trying to see if she could figure out how to open the new latch on the gate. Belle was using her horns to scratch and itch.. Annie is staring a hole through me trying to mentally convince us to bring out feed to them.

Love how everyone is getting along so well -

Goats and Guineas are all happy together. I think I have told you that we have found a few Guinea eggs. A few solid and a few squishy. But we were worried cuz we haven't found many eggs. Where were they going?

Then we finally saw that one of the girls kept going under the picnic table and chatting constantly....

 I think she was complaining about being the one that was stuck taking care of the "children" while the other two were out have lunch...  Not sure if we should let her take care of them, so far it has been a week since we found them, and she seems to be taking care of them so far. Wonder though if we should candle them and maybe put a bunch in the incubator... ideas?

Ellie Mae tried to give me her opinion.

But really she just want her ears scratched. And a little special attention. We were busy working but always have time for that ...

Took some small tomatoes that were really bitter out to the chickens last night. Then I stood there and watched a little Chicken Soccer...

Was actually pretty darn funny... they ran from tomato to tomato yelling and trying to steal from each other.

I think Little Bit was tattling to me that Large Marge just stole hers...

These chickens are the funniest thing to watch. Still haven't named them all.. so many look so much alike and move around to fast -

I know photos of Libbie from the back are boring - but I love this stance she does.

Her "I am boss and I am watching that over there... and believe me I can take care of you!"  She really doesn't know that she is only 10 inches tall. But yes, She is the one in charge of all of us.

Hope you got a smile today - I'll be back tomorrow to show you a few photos of the new garden -
HUGS and-


Marilyn said...

Love the 'chicken soccer' pic, that is so funny and how neat to find all of those eggs in a pile!

Carol Dee said...

Fun photos today. Chicken soccer must be a hoot to watch. Love the one of little bit tattling! Have a relaxing weekend. hugs...

Anonymous said...

Terrific photos, love the one of Libbie standing to attention. The goats' new pen is very smart, they look very content. Looking forward to learning what you do with all those eggs. Have a great weekend.

Redlady said...

I look forward every Sunday to switching on my computer to see what your littlies have been doing.
I just love to see what mischief they have got up to.
Will tomato soccer take off do you think?

BethW said...

Another great Saturday of pictures-thank you so much for taking the time to share them with us.
We have a Libbie-our mini-doxie.Our biggest dog weighs 90+ lbs,the middle girl is 65 lbs-but our 15lb princess makes both of them back off.No one messes with her.

Ellie Maggie said...

Great photos and stories as usual, thanks Michelle. My favourites are Jennifer's eyes, bless her! And Little Bit looks like he's shouting "Hey Referee! C'mon!". I love Ellie May's photo aaaahh she's so cute. But you made me chuckle with the name Large Marge!! Our dog's at the vets for chest & heart x-ray tomorrow, we need to know what's causing his cough and 'huffing' :( Praying for good news.
Ellie Maggie x