Saturday, July 20, 2013

Animal Crackers - Hi How Are Ya?

Howdy -

And a Big "HI... How Are Ya?" from Felipe and Pavo.  - LOL

Felipe is one funny boy - the guy just screams personality. You can see it here in his face can't you? He is a sweetheart. And then his calm, slow, cautious 1/2 brother Pavo. He is finally just as friendly as the other guys. He has always been sweet and not jumpy, but not as outgoing and didn't let you love on him as much as the other boys. Felipe... he would like to go with you discuss things follow you on into the house and sit down and tell a few jokes. Well at least that is what I get when I imagine how he would be. Pavo would have to get back with you and think it over then he would join you. Both are great boys.

Last week I introduced you to Bertha... this week I would like you to meet Blanche -

Now these are the only two Reds I can pick out and know who is who. The others have names but when they move around I loose who is who as they haven't shown me something different. Blanche... she is friendly and she has that dark feather on her wing. Big Black Spot on her so she is easy to pick out. She seemed to be interested in the hut yesterday afternoon. She kept going in and out of the door. There are no eggs yet... maybe she is thinking about it?

I call this shot "Guineas among the Goats"

I threw in a few handfuls of sunflower seeds for the Guineas... well the goats have decided that they like sunflower seeds too. So the Guineas have to wander all around, under and among the goats to get their share. I try and put them more in the grass so they are harder for the goats to eat, but the Guineas find them easily. Love the one walking under Chloe. They are not afraid of them at all and the Goats don't seem to worry about them at all.

There is nothing better than fresh cool running water....

You see the bucket farthest away that water must be stale. It is minutes old already. But the bucket closest "Dad" is filling up and Jolene and Macie are trying really hard to wait until it is a little fuller before they attack it. Oh... and they did just one second after I snapped.

Miss Mirta -

She is such a little donkey and reminds me so much of her Daddy Raffie. She has a spot that is her "mark" to find her among all the other spotted donkeys. I wish it had been a little more centered... would have looked more like a third eye then... LOL Not that we have any problems picking her out... she is much much smaller than all the others - Look how red she is getting in the sun. Pretty Pretty Spotted gal.

Here is a RARE spotted sighting... our spotted outdoor kitty "Momma Cat".

The outdoor kitties in the Kitty Condo - they are all getting much much friendlier. Oh three out of five of them still hide when you go in the pen. Momma Cat is one of those. She use to run when you got 20 feet from the pen. Super skittish - but she is getting better. Yesterday she stayed laying in the grassy weeds while I walked up to the pen side and put my camera in and snapped photos... I think she thought she was hidden better than she actually was, but I was getting rare photos so I didn't say a word to her.

This would have been my favorite -

The Black kitty Samantha was trying so hard to get my attention and was walking back and forth on the side of the pen, causing all the tall grass and weeds to move around .... Oh well still kind of cool shot. And yes as soon as I got my photos I sat on the edge and rubbed all over Sam and let her tell me all about her day.

Now to get the weekend going - I think it is going to be an average weekend here. A few errands but other than that sticking around the farm. What is your weekend going be?

I'll be back again tomorrow - want to show off a new cabinet Hubby got me. :0)

Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and


Bernice said...

Thanks for sharing all your lovely animals - but I particularly like Blanche! You will notice their combs and wattles become particularly large and red when they start to lay. Just watch out though - they will find somewhere they shouldn't to lay their eggs - I found 15 in the middle of some weeds in my vegetable patch!! My 11 year old son can tell them apart not only by looking at them but also by their 'voices'! - but we only have four, so I suppose its not so difficult!

Marilyn said...

Thanks for another great post and fab pictures. Love those donkeys!

Carol Dee said...

Blanche is stunning. Mirta looks so sweet. Love the photo of Momma cat, she does not know how good she has it.

Anonymous said...

Blanche is a beauty, isn't she?? Thanks for another week of terrific photos, shouldn't pick a favourite, but I love the one of Mirta.

Ellie Maggie said...

I am so behind that you're almost doing the next Animal Crackers! Love your thoughts about how Filipe and Pavo might be as fellas! Oh to have Jolene and Macie's eyelashes, beautiful. Mirta is stunning and you can see how slight she is in stature, but my favourite is the last one of Momma Cat, she looks in her element, gorgeous.
Ellie Maggie x