Saturday, July 13, 2013

Animal Crackers - Put your Left foot out....

Howdy -

A few different and odd photos this week. A couple are phone shots from the week, but then the others I took yesterday afternoon while out talking to all my kids. This first one just totally cracked me up. I started singing to Bertha after I took this photo... "put your left foot out... put your left foot in.... put your left foot out and shake it all about..." LOL

Bertha and Blanche are two of the Reds that are "friendlier" they are all doing better now that the Guineas no longer live in the coop with the chickens. But the Reds are much more cautious. Bertha... she thinks that eating her feed and seeds from the scoop while "Mom" makes a fool clucking at her is the best feed. She also loves to be petted. She loves it, but isn't sure she likes it. Well yesterday I was explaining that she doesn't need yogurt or strawberries or treats every day. She was letting me know that she really did need it. LOL They are sure pretty...

And the Wyandottes are really starting to be Gorgeous! They were always pretty chicks but now that they are maturing they really are bold and well... gorgeous!

They are starting to really to fill out and those feathers grow... oh and their tail feathers are growing back as well.... LOL OH OH OH and I can't believe I forgot to tell you!!! The Guineas have starting laying eggs!! First couple got broke. Next two I rescued and brought in and we were thinking we might put them in the incubator and grow us a couple more guineas... but we candled them and I don't think they are fertilized. I don't know if they are so young (the birds I know the eggs are young) I don't know if they are too young OR... if Beavis isn't really a boy, but actually a domineering gal. We will see in time I guess. Now the two other girls have starting figuring it out and I think they laid their last couple of eggs under the goat hut... WE will see...

After I left the chicken coop. I heard the baby start crying out. "The Baby" is Valentine McKee. Poor boy was really upset. You see Val is I think about 6 years old now.. but he is a big time Momma's boy. He has been on Cocoa's side - never weaned or removed from his Mom. And every once in a while he will fall asleep and she will get up before him and wander off. Every Mom I guess needs some personal me time.

Well when Val wakes up and Mom is gone it is total panic. Just like a little boy lost in a mall... small yell outs at first, getting more upset then louder, then total panic running and screaming. And it goes on until she steps out and shows him where she is. Or we find her and get his attention and show him. Sometime I really do think she stays back and shadows and watches and laughs. Poor boy. This was just before panic. He let me calm him down and love on him. Ok for a couple of minutes but he needs to know where Cocoa is... he took off running and screaming... 5 minutes later he found her and the world was at peace again. Handsome boy. Big.. he is one of the standards, but a love.

This isn't a sweet or cute photo. But I just had to show you how stunning gorgeous Sergio is when he slicks off... he is already fading to red, about two weeks ago he was black black. But other than a little "pudgy" he has a really handsome coat. You would think we had bathed him and slicked him down. But our donkeys are pretty much natured bathed and groomed only by the trees and things they rub on. Shiny and handsome.

OH... BTW... he was watching Val run, buck and cry around the pens looking for Cocoa. I am sure he was thinking... "Dude my Mom left when I was barely a week old.. be a man, man!" On the other hand if Sergio sees a silver milk pail in my hand... he turns into a two week old crying for his milk. So I guess I am his Mommy and he is pretty attached to me too... I like to think anyway.

Wish I could have gotten these two's sister in this shot... This is Paul and Peter.

Or known in their triplets order and names. "Peter, Paul and Mary"  LOL

Now please do not look at my totally filthy windows. Not that they are "clean" but our back porch windows have never really been rained on. Until this last weekend... wind blew so hard that the back porch was soaked. And the windows are now a mess.

But I snapped this photo of Miss Libbie and thought it was just woo cute.

I have a trunk that I got at auction full of doll clothes. It is sitting in my dining room, under a window. Has been for a few months. No one has bothered it at all... until a few weeks ago. Miss Libbie has realized that she all though only 10 inches tall she can jump!! LOL She hops up on the trunk and now can see out the window easily!! She loves to stand there and watch the goats and donkeys... Serious watch dog. LOL

One more photo and if you are afraid of spiders look away ok? Hubby turned over a large planting pot while mowing this week and found this lady. Well except she was up running to get away when we found her.
He flipped her over with a stick so you could see her trade mark "logo" on her belly. This is a HUGE Black Widow. She was as big around as a dime!! Most of the ones we find are about the size of a pencil eraser. This lady was HUGE and ready to start laying her eggs. JUST in time! Squish!! She is no longer with us... sorry it is just how it has to be, I would hate her to bite one of the dogs and this is right where they play most. Much less me get bit! Can do some damage if they get you.

Hope you don't have bad dreams now... just think back to one of the other photos ok? LOL

Today we are going to one local small town trade days with our "neighbor" that we take care of her property. They are here for the weekend, so we are taking a few days off to spend time with them. Been really great. Miss them.

Hope you have some fun this weekend with friends or family! Make time to enjoy loved ones !
HUGS and


Anonymous said...

Oh good grief, that spider was huge!! I'm fascinated by spiders, but I definitely would not want to find one of those. Thank goodness she was found before she could lay eggs or bite any of the animals - or you.
Gorgeous photos this week, Valentine is a real looker & the chickens are beautiful.
Have a great weekend.

Carol Dee said...

My Goodness Val is Stunning. Handsome for sure. Love the goat pic. They look so sweet. Glad you found and dispatched the Black Widow BEFORE she laid eggs *shudder* can't have those around.
Have fun with the neighbors.
( I just got back from a week away with my Sister.) :) Hugs...

Marilyn said...

I had a great read with today's post. Sitting with my coffee and it was like you were sitting here telling me about your kids. Pretty, pretty chickens and nasty, nasty spider. Squish is a good place for it!

Ellie Maggie said...

Fabulous photos and lots of great chatty details too, thanks Michelle! Had to laugh at the Hokey Cokey hen! Sergio and Val look stunning in the sunlight and Miss Libbie looks adorable in her new position with her ears up (love our dog when he does that). Agree with Marilyn, it was as if you were here at my table chatting with me, lovely. Enjoy your time off with neighbours. It's a heatwave in the UK 30C for us LOL.
Ellie Maggie x

JoanieMc said...

Such a great posting. When you have a post it's like "break time", get a cup and enjoy the read. It seems to be such a fun life. God Bless you and all of our family. Hugs

P.S. I even enjoyed the sound effects... Squish! LOL

7 KIDS said...

Black widows must die. Simple as that.

7 KIDS said...

Black widows must die. Simple as that.

Helen said...

what a lovely pictures again. You did a good job by killing black widow; wouldn't think of the idea they get one of the dogs or yourself. Have a great time. Hugs, Helen