Sunday, July 28, 2013

Me and My Space - The Fall Garden, of the Jolly Green Giant?

Yesterday I promised to show you photos of "our" new Fall Garden. I say "our" mainly because I plan to eat from this garden... Hubby has done all the work - Oh wait, I helped hold the panels up while he put them together....

Here is a photo of the garden just before we put up the last panel so I could get a good photo...

Now I know the first question is "What the heck is it all planted in?" These are the Jolly Green Giants Six Pack containers... LOL  Actually this is a bit of recycling here - A family member got these for us, they are some sort of packaging for trucks. But what they end up is the perfect raised beds for gardening. Six holes to keep each plant separate - but contained all together. Hubby drilled holes in the bottoms and we sat them up on old tables from our business we closed last year. Saves the Old backs you know!

This photo is after the last panel was put up and Hubby was done for the day -

We attached it to the side of the chicken coop - Have to fence it all off to keep the donkeys from stealing our veggies - or the plants before they had a chance to grow veggies -

Now if only I would go out this morning and they would be full and have lots of great things for a salad tonight! We have 4 kinds of tomatoes - JalapeƱos - Cucumbers - Zucchini & Squash (Hubby wrinkled his nose at the last two but still planted them for me)

Can't wait until it cools off so we can do other yummy good things.

Have a great day :0) I think we are going to BBQ today - just sounds good doesn't it?
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BethW said...

Fantastic! I had a container garden made out of ammo crates when we were at Ft.Know. But we forgot to drill holes! So hubby went out with his revolver and shot holes in all the containers-worked pretty darn good. I'm going to be jealous of all your fresh produce!

Carol Dee said...

Whoa, that fencing looks like Fort Knox! What we need would be to keep the rabbits out. The deer aren't a big problem, but those bunnies are Naughty!
Set up high like that should keep rabbits from munching. Cool containers.

Anonymous said...

Love those containers!

Ellie Maggie said...

Very posh custom built area! My fingers are crossed for a good crop!
Ellie Maggie x