Monday, February 3, 2014

Alota Rubber Stamps

Howdy -

Wanted to pass on a little information to you - If you have followed me for a while you might remember that I was once on the Alota Rubber Stamps Design Team. I loved every second of it, and one main reason... I ADORE the owner Helene. She is a truly one of the sweetest nicest people I have ever known. And just this last week I was telling Hubby how I missed Alota and Helene -

Well I got and email from her today....  Sadly the website is closing. I know I teared up the second I read it! She will still have her ebay store HERE  But the website Store HERE will be closing soon. I am happy for Helene as this will give her and her family time to travel and retire a bit. But I do love the website and all those THOUSANDS of images she has!! I do adore those bugs you know!! And don't forget I have a few that are super special to me...

Michelle's Sweet Donkeys 1

She really has tons of great images... of lots of things not just donkeys :0) ... Those are just special to me!! 

Now the big info is  - She is having a BIG TIME Sale with the closing of her store! 

50% off with the code ARSALE

So now follow this LINK HERE over to the store to save some big money on some FABULOUS stamps  - Tell her the Donkey Lady sent you there! 



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Carol Dee said...

Oh dear, now I must go spend more money for more stamps! LOL. I love Michelle's donkeys. Just for you. That is so special. Hugs...