Saturday, February 22, 2014

Animal Crackers - A Sign of Spring!

Howdy -

Hubby and I were out in the Girls pasture yesterday and found this beyond their fence!!

It is a sign!! Spring is coming... A first sign of Spring for us around here. This is a Wild Cherry Tree - grows in our parts of Texas. We have a few of these on our property - wish they were closer up by the house, but I can walk out and enjoy it while it is blooming. Really a beautiful tree when it has all these pinkish white flowers all over it.

Close up -

 Now to my week... this girl has stressed me to no end, and caused many of our friends and family to roll their eyes and make fun of me...

Went out mid afternoon one day earlier in the week to hear a bunch of very loud screams and flapping noise coming from inside the coop. My first though is Snake! But when I got into the pen and got the door open I was in shock. One of the girls must have gone into the coop and was up on their roosting branch and slipped. There was a small fork in one of the branches and her foot got hung and she was hanging upside down totally freaking out. She looked totally worn out but was still fighting. Poor girl must have been like that for 2-3 hours! Hubby and I got her free and I held her for a long while to calm her down.

I was worried sick. She wouldn't stand at all the first day. I actually took her private food and water, moved her around the pen during the day so she would be in the sun too much. And even picked her up and put her in the coop that night for bedtime as she couldn't get up the ramp on her own. Next morning she would move around but only on one leg, and she drug the other behind her. Third day she was up and walking on it with a bad limp. She still sits most of the day unless she needs food or water but she gets it on her own now and even makes it in and out of the coop. Yesterday evening it was just a slight limp. You might see by the photograph that she leans and keeps the bad foot out front a bit.

Yes... everyone was making fun of me... "It is just a Chicken... heat up the fryer!.." Blah Blah... But she is one of my girls and I pampered her, worried about her, and lost sleep over her. Yes I know I am a dork. I think she is going to be good in a few more days and I am very happy about it. She may only be a Chicken, but she is one of my chickens and all my kids are part of the family!!

Marissa agrees!

She is one sweet girl and for sure a part of the family. Hubby and I were talking about her the other day. She is big like her Mom Patti, but she is one wonderful gal, with a ton of personality!!

On the other end of the size chart is Sonia. This little one is a LITTLE ONE! I wanted to try and get a photo of them closer, but to give you and idea... Sonia is under the second board up... Marissa is resting her head on the second board! LOL

Sonia is one of the calmest sweetest little girls. And a gorgeous one -

Found Bella and Darlene giving some Donkey Hugs -

This is really more of "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours"  But I still like to think it is Donkey Hugs - These two Ladies are for sure BFF's they are pretty much always side by side - Despite the TWENTY years difference in their age! LOL Darlene is our Old Lady - the leader in charge of all donkeys!

Hope you have a wonderful day - I will be back tomorrow to show off our new greenhouse and "the crop" -

HUGS and-


Marilyn said...

I'm glad the chicken is better and happy you didn't eat her. People don't get it... you can never eat a pet. That chicken would have stayed in the freezer forever...been there, done that.
Love how dainty Sonja looks... so petite.

Carol Dee said...

Glad the chicken has recovered. Sonia is a darling little thing. :) I will check back to see more Green things tomorrow. ( We are still white, a dirty white.) So sick of winter.

Anonymous said...

You are not a dork, I would be exactly the same, I'm glad she's getting better. Terrific photos, Sonia is adorable & that tree looks gorgeous.

Bernice said...

Oh the poor chicken. Hopefully she'll make a full recovery. They seem to be fairly resilient - we had one go missing for a few days - it had been trapped under a kids play sand pit thing and had even layed an egg!