Sunday, February 23, 2014

Garden - We are Growing Now!

Howdy -

Alright - I am going to hopefully get to show you our progress of our Spring Garden now!

Greenhouse is done - well 97% done - few little things Hubby still needs to do, but it is up and in use!

It is BIG! 12 feet wide!

And 32 feet Long!! That is BIG huh?

Here is this Spring Crop  -

Flats of 4 inch plants have been started. I was out there Friday evening and there are already little sprouts!! We have a million tomatoes - beans - cucumbers - squash - zucchini - jalapenos - Salad Peppers - and more!

As things get growing and we start potting up I will give you full names - we ordered Heirloom seeds we are really excited.

Then I will also show you our "orchard"... we purchased 14 trees - peaches, apples, plums and pears.

And three grape vines! So hopefully we have some really wonderful yummy things to eat this spring.

Really looking forward growing a bunch and I am already gathering canning recipes! If you have a great one email it to me! :0) We have done the jelly and preserves. And even did Salsa last year, but really wanting to do more.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday - Wonder if we have anything green by next Sunday?


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

That is a huge greenhouse, you'll be feeding people for miles around! Looking forward to seeing the progress of your plants.

christina d said...

What a great greenhouse! I'm jealous, we still have 2 feet of snow on the ground here.

Carol Dee said...

Hop on over to TEG and see what they have to offer. We are always sharing success, failures, new ideas and help. Would love to see you there. :)
I LOVE the green house and am having some ENVIOUS thoughts. ;)Our LR is considered large at 15X35 feet. So I know how big that greenhouse is. YIKES! You are getting pretty serious about the garden thing and making lots of work for yourselves. (Just a warning) How big where the fruit trees you planted? It may be a few years before you see much produce. Good Luck and Happy Gardening.