Saturday, February 1, 2014

Animal Crackers - And now we have an Elephant???

Howdy -

Here is something I have never shown on Animal Crackers!!!

No we have not gotten an Elephant…. LOL  Yesterday we stopped to get gas in the Jeep when I noticed that people were gathering around a large trailer… then suddenly I saw the trunk reach out to one of the ladies. I grabbed my phone and jumped out to see the entire thing for sure!!!  How fabulous is he??  Got to pet him (needs lotion BTW) and got to snap a few photos. Wasn't something I was expecting but was a fun little surprise in our boring afternoon.

This is a photo I took earlier in the week…

You see Chica has started this new thing. She now is bringing "her baby" The Flea to eat with her. She lays her in the food bowl while she eats. And NO ONE can take her away until she is done eating. LOL Guess she thinks the Flea should have some dinner too… LOL

Went to love on the girls yesterday evening. And found the threesome all together on the fence waiting for me…

These three girls are ALWAYS together. Juliet and Lydia paired up when we got Juliet and they were young. And they have been BFF for sure. But I love that they have allowed Gabby join their little group. Gabby is Lydia's little sister and she was so so so sick and weak when she was a baby. But now she is healthy and very happy - And is one lucky girl for her sister and Juliet to take such good protection over her now.

Went in to gather the eggs and found little bit stretching out really hard to see what all the noise in the goat pen was about.

 Daddy was getting ready feed the goats and they get quite loud to make sure they have full attention.

Here is Mary…

Pretty gal isn't she? Love her…

And this one .. well she is special isn't she?

Sandy my bottle baby. Obnoxious - Sweet - Friendly - Adorable.  And yes… Spoiled Rotten :0)

Hope you have a wonderful day - Hug something furry ok?
Hugs and -


Marilyn said...

Great post and how cool to see the elephant. I saw that on Facebook yesterday and the writeup was very brief but I think they were moving her to a sanctuary.
Chica is lovely, those chickens with the picked butts not so much when you see them from behind and I always love the goats and donks.

Carol Dee said...

What great fun to get to touch an elephant. (Kind of surprised you did not want to bring him home, too!) I love that Chica wants her flea to eat, too. How sweet is she? hugs to all...

PaperSunshine said...

One of my little dogs used to carry around this little stuffed chick like that, it was funny because it said "Happy Easter" but she seemed to think it was her baby! Cute :). Love the three girls, just shows you threes not always a crowd, always enjoy your animal crackers.
Lori K.

TA Carbone said...

lol. My PoohBear had a baby. It was a stuffed weasel that I got him when I brought him home. He was very careful with his baby and if you asked him to get the baby he went and got it. He had that baby for the 10 years of his life and when he died I had gotten him cremated with his baby and they both returned home forever.

Glad to see you have excitement where you live with the elephant. Here we are all staying in because of the traffic due to the superbowl. Yes I live 10 minutes from Metlife Stadium and it is a mess.

Have a nice week
Your Friend

Helen said...

Great to pet an elephant (they are amongst wolves my favourite wild animals). Love Chica with her flea, totally adorable.
Great photos again. Big hug to all the furry friends at your side; I will for sure hug mine.
Love, Helen xxx