Saturday, February 8, 2014

Animal Crackers - Wet - Cold - Misty - Icy - then Wet again BRRR


Ok show of hands here... how many are really really ready for Spring! Lots of hands here at our place! Man this has been the weirdest winter ever! Yesterday it never got over 36 degrees - and today is suppose to be near 70! Tomorrow 76! Then not over 38 on Tuesday again!! The animals are cold one day and then their winter fur is to heavy for the next day. Really... well WEIRD!

Went out yesterday mid afternoon to shoot a few photos. Was hard to get many to pose and be pretty for you - In the distance I found the three standards..  More of my Donkey's in the Mist photos... LOL I have done a few of them over the years -

Now I am sure you see Valentine on the left.. that white nose pops doesn't it? Then next to him is Teddy E. Bear. But you might not spot Cocoa Bean... she is the dark spot just under the tree... She was really pushed back in there to stay out of the wet and the cold I guess. She is smarter than the boys though.

It was really loud out by the goat pen yesterday. Usually in the cold wet they are all in the huts... but Frankie was really interested in oh... 3 or 4 of the girls that were "in season".

As much as I am really wanting some babies I have to wait a bit longer. Otherwise they will be born in the middle of summer when it is 100 degrees... so we wait. Even if Frank is not happy about it.

When I got into the back yard... most of the girls figured since I had bothered to come out into the 34 temperatures that I might as well give them some extra feed. Especially Lilly and Paintbrush the old ladies. Sorry Girls Dad will feed you at regular dinner time.

Now the Chickens got their evening snack a little early (shhh don't tell the goats) But I feed the chickens in the evening. They actually usually get just a snack - sunflower seeds or lettuce or crackers or bread that is stale... but yesterday evening they got a handful of strawberries that had started to get a bit mushy. 

So they got their snack a little early - but honestly I was not going back out as the sun went down. I was really thinking that my warm comfy "lounge" PJs house shoes and my robe was sounding really nice about 4:30 yesterday! LOL And I was in them about 10 minutes after that!

I tried really hard to get some photos of the doggies. But they were not cooperating, and they were so nasty and messy after running around in the wet that I just couldn't them. The sad thing is they really needed a bath last night but it was too cold. So we are dealing with them until tonight... yuck!

So what are in your plans for today? We are doing a one day doll show. Hubby is just so thrilled. He will probably help set things up and then disappear for a while, may come home and work since the weather is suppose to be so nice. Sure hope he don't forget me.... . and I Hope it is an ok show. One day shows hardly seem worth it to me sometimes. But I have lots that I need to move and hopefully the doll show is the place. 

Have a wonderful blessed weekend - 
HUGS and

3 comments: said...

You could play 'spot the donkey' with that first photo! :) Great photos, hope you have a lovely weekend.

Carol Dee said...

Until you pointed out Cocoa Bean I did not see her in the photo! Oh Yes, I am so ready for spring. It snowed again today and is COLD. Really COLD. I spent part of the day making cards. Will bundle up and go out to a Trivia fundraiser tonight. If I had not singed up I am sure I would stay in and watch Olympics on TV in my PJ's. Warm hugs....

PaperSunshine said...

I cant imagine how the animals must be feeling, one day its 16, the next its 54. I'm confused LOL! But these guys all have the best care with you! Especially strawberry treats :)

Lori K.