Saturday, June 28, 2014

Animal Crackers - Escapees and Hiding Spots

Howdy -

Well it seems this week was about Escapees and Hiding Spots. First the boy donkeys decided that it would be fun to pull loose some of their panels and take some time running around. I didn't get any photos of that. Sorry - it was a bit panic for a little while, it was 95 degrees and about 275% humidity. So I wasn't thinking about photos. Just getting the guys cornered, harnessed up and taken back to their pen was all I could handle before passing out.

Sergio and Felipe went straight to Black Jacks pen, and well lets just say three "MEN" all trying to figure out who is the baddest in the group... well it was not a sweet tame encounter. Nope we had heads through fence panels, biting, kicking and lots of "talking". Oh my was loud and not fun. Finally convinced them to walk away and get back to their pen. The other three boys were just chowing down on grass right near their pen and they followed "Dad" right into the pen.

Then I think I might have told you that we had girls in with the the male Goats - and that we had some of the ladies head butting the fences and got into the "breeding" side of things. Not good! Was really good that we were outside and got everyone back in their proper places before anything happened to daughters or ladies that shouldn't breed anymore. Well.... we had two that was suppose to stay in Franks pen for a few more weeks Gracie and Vera.

Vera wanted no part of living back in that pen. She likes the girls pen and wasn't going back at all. So I have been watching her really close. Praying that she is already pregnant and that I won't miss another season with her. She is so beautiful I just can't wait to see babies from her. And Gracie for that matter... but she seems to be getting a round tummy and Hubby says he knows she got "got" ... LOL

Now this week we had another goat escape!! One of the boys. I call them my sucker goats. I just love them so much and they are so adorable there is just no way I can send them off to auction and not know what kind of home they get. Or if they become.. can't even type it!!

So I have 4 little boys now young men still. Alex decided that he wanted to see how the grass was in the doggies yard.. and got under the fence.

Not sure how long he was out there chowing down. I let the dogs out about 10:30 that night and was making sure they were all doing their business and not getting side tracked. When in the corner of their yard I saw Alex looking up at me. I freaked... and yelled for all the dogs to head in NOW! Not sure why but they weren't use to me yelling at them like that they did what I said. You see... I am not too sure how they dogs and Alex would have reacted if they had seen each other. Libbie goes on full psycho attach mode normally when she sees any animal in her area. And Alex is usually pretty calm, but well when a 9lb. Grey high pitch screaming thing comes running at you a million miles an hour, those horns could really do some damage to the doggies.... but all was ok. Dogs got in safe. Well except then Hubby and I were out there discussing with Alex he wanted to go back into his pen, catching and moving him. Then fixing the fence. LOL but all was ok.

Now how about a Hiding Spot?

Well you see for a while we had a Opossum getting into the goat pen, and having a little scrambled egg dinners - we trapped and got rid of the critter and having found any of the eggs in their normal places. Wondered where they were going and then thought maybe the snakes were getting them we have been fighting off from the chicken coop. But this week we decided that the Guineas just found a much better hiding spot -

Leaned down under the largest Goat Shed and guess what we found...

Yea.. a whole lot of Guinea eggs!! We haven't ever gathered the Guinea eggs to eat. I have just picked up all the ones we find and disposed of them. Many times they have already been crushed by a goat. We were hoping that we had a male and could get more Guineas... then decided that wasn't happening with the three we have. But now I have to get Hubby this weekend to get under the goat shed get all the eggs out cuz I am sure they are pretty rank. And then see if we can find us a BOY and have some babies! Until then keep a much closer eye under that shed.

Chica hasn't escaped... or had a new hiding spot. She just was so cute sitting on the porch waiting for me to head back in.

 LOL. She was panting pretty good. Hot Humid and she had barked and chased all the goats on one side of the fence, and the three big donkeys on the other side of the fence. She is very brave with her fences. With out them she would have been at the back door and wanting in, she is a love not a fighter at all.

Hope you have a wonderful day planned. Hug something furry or feathered today!

Hugs and -


Carol Dee said...

It is good to hear that everyone is back where they belong. All are safe and sound. Silly critters, just like us humans always thinking the grass is greener on the other side!
I will stop in and have a peek at the garden tomorrow.

Stay cool.

Ellie Maggie said...

Look at all those eggs!! That's that mystery solved. They have been keeping you on your toes this week haven't they? Sounds like the heat got to them ;) Hopefully they're all settled now. Fingers crossed for Vera. Good weekend to all x

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Never a dull moment! I'm glad you got everyone rounded up & back where they're supposed to be. I'm amazed at the amount of eggs you found, at least you'll be able to keep an eye on the bird now.

Helen said...

Always something going on - love the pictures especially Chica xxxx