Sunday, June 22, 2014

Gardening Sunday - I just love Crepe Myrtles!

Howdy -

This week I am going to take a break from the Garden. Sorry just so much squash, zucchini, tomatoes and WEEDS! Need to take a break from them. My excitement this week is our Crepe Myrtle trees. We planted a few out here on the farm when we moved here over 10 years ago. I love them. Pretty and they give the animals some great shade.

My favorite is one tree that in reality is three trees that have grown together. Two white and one light purple.

It is just now starting to bloom. In a week or so it will be solid -

The two colors together are just wonderful -

These trees are gorgeous!!! Now they do have one small tiny little bitty problem... as they are blooming, they get swarmed with bees... But so far we leave them alone and they leave us alone...

Hard to get photos of as they move really quick! I tried believe me! This one of those times I am thankful for digital cameras! I took about 65 photos to get one that you can tell it is a bee...

Just love these trees - They come in lots of different colors, but I really think the white and light purple are my favorites. Do you have any near you? What colors do you like?

I will get back to the garden next week... just think how big those watermelons will be then! LOL We are still eating lots of squash and zucchini. Still trying new recipes. But now at the point where I think we are going to freeze a bunch of it, and move on. Tomatoes are really doing well now and just yummy!

Have a wonderful Sunday!!
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Carol Dee said...

I love crepe myrtle. Sadly they will not survive in out zone. I love the Bright colors. Hot pink, fuschia, etc.. I saw my 1st Crepe Myrtle in TN while visiting a cousin near Chattanooga.
How long will your garden thrive before the heat of summer cooks it? We are just beginning to get some produce.:) I can't keep up with the peas and kale right now. Strawberry bed is new, so only pick & eat while in the garden. There are a few tiny zucchini on the vine. Tiny green tomatoes. Potato patch looks promising for a bumper crop. Now to stay ahead of the WEEDS.

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Beautiful trees.

Anonymous said...

Pink is my favorite crepe myrtle tree.
Have you made zucchini patties yet? Grated zucchini, 1egg, Bisquick, seasoning of choice, mix form into patties, fry in olive oil! Guaranteed delicious