Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gardening Sunday - getting red, getting big and lookie!


This week has been pretty much the same ole' thing in the garden. The squash and zucchini ... tons of it. Lots of watering and weeding...

The watermelons are growing by the second and getting bigger, all though despite getting so big the plants are so big they are hard to find... all though with all the snakes I don't dig a bunch I leave it to Hubby.

I wasn't going to snap a photo of the melons, then decided if you missed a week you may not believe me that they were the same watermelons... LOL

The Tomatoes are finally starting to turn red!!! So so so excited about that. We have picked some of the Jujube Cherry Tomatoes - you can find more about them HERE

But we have really been waiting for the big ones!! Can't wait for sliced cold tomatoes... little salt and pepper and some cottage cheese. One of my favorite meals! 

Now I know this doesn't look like the prettiest tomato. But oh my, they are so fabulous!!

This is a Cherokee Purple Tomato - you can find about them HERE. They are ugly but very very tasty!

AND Finally!!! WE have signs of CORN!! 

Still a long time before I can get the butter out, but if you look close you can see we have silk showing!

Well Hubby says we can eat that one cherokee tomorrow probably, but I am thinking today sounds better!

Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy some outdoor green wherever you are!
HUGS Michelle


Carol Dee said...

Nothing better than tomato season! *drool* We are only now seeing some blooms, a ways away from seeing any red. IT rained for hours yesterday. So it will be too wet to get into garden. But the weeds will grow faster. Going to have to get at them soon, or they take over. You know. Have a sweet Sunday, hugs...

okienurse said...

Love the gardening Sundays now! I took some pictures of mine and put on the web but just went outside and the storm that came in from Texas last night just about knocked down all the corn...I staked it up so I hope it makes it. Isn't it amazing the difference a few hundred miles can make as far as planting and growing goes!!! check out my garden @ btw I love reading all your posts but I don't comment most of the time! Thanks for sharing the fun stuff! Vickie

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

No, I'm sorry, you're definitely staging those watermelon photos, no way they're growing that fast! ;-) Promise us you'll take a photo of the first one you cut into?
So pleased everything is growing so well for you. Have a great week & watch out for snakes.