Saturday, June 21, 2014

Animal Crackers - Pretty Chicks!

Howdy -

The little chicks are now living in their new pen and their coop is all built. One day we will paint it and pretty it up, but for now it is good.

I took out my camera and sat out in their pen yesterday morning. They are so fun to watch I could waste so much time out there.

Inge's colors have really changed and are coming in so beautiful. She is a Swedish Flower Hen, which is suppose to be a very hard to find rare chicken, especially here. I could only get one. She is very cautious and quick to run back to the coop for safety so I have to move really slow around her.

This is Cora - 

She is a little thing, I think she is one of the Australorp's. She shadows the bigger ones all around the pen. Goes where ever they do - really funny to watch.

Now this next one is Eleanor. Our "Mighty Hunter" she catches flies like no other!!!

She is the biggest of all the chicks.... hoping she really is a hen....
oh and that is Cora right behind her. :0)

Speaking of worrying about being a hen... Oh my Periwinkle is really got me nervous! 

I have three Lavender Ameraucana... all were sexed when purchasing them... But Periwinkle is much different from the other two - no tail feathers, much larger comb, more aggressive... If "she" ends up being a "he" we will have to find another home for him. We can't have any roosters.... unless I can talk Hubby into that third coop.  Oh one other really odd thing about Periwinkle... her/his beak is totally crooked off to the side! I mean big time. I tried to get a photo straight on, will keep trying.

Here is my third Lavender - I named her "Orchid" -

She is really a pretty little thing. Loving these new chicks!!!

Found the donkeys watching me in with the chickens and snapped this one of Gabby and Bella -

 Pretty ladies aren't they? Love when they are all slicked off for summer.

When I came in the back door I found Autie and Gato...

Autie was "washing" Gato's face. Thinking maybe she had just had breakfast and Autie was helping her clean up. Sorry it was blurry but only had a half a second to snap. It must cause great embarrassment for Gato to be found letting Gato wash her face as she bolts once we see them!

See you tomorrow for Gardening Sunday -
HUGS and


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

The chicks are lovely, such pretty feathers. But yes, there is something about Periwinkle that makes me think she is actually a he, keep us posted. Lovely donkey photo & the one of Gato & Autie is so cute. Have a great weekend.

Carol Dee said...
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Carol Dee said...
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Carol Dee said...
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Carol Dee said...
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Carol Dee said...

Well for crying out loud. Sorry about all the duplicate messages and then all the deleted messages!
LOL Gato was caught in the act of letting Autie was her face, Too cute. Do you think the tail feather and other oddities could be related to the crooked beak? As long as he/she is eating and healthy all is well. I will be back Sunday for a garden tour. :)