Saturday, January 24, 2015

Animal Crackers - Lots of talking going on...

Howdy -

Went outside the other evening, it had been a nice sunny warm day and everyone was gathered around just before sunset. So I grabbed my camera and went out to see who wanted to pose for me. See I planned ahead I knew the weather reports were not sounding good for later in the week and this weekend!

First thing walking out towards the girl donkey pen I realized that Hubby was out towards the barn working on his flatbed trailer. You know that big thing with wheels that hauls in hay from time to time? Well the Donkeys know what it is and when "Dad" is loading it it must mean a load of hay is coming in.

Darlene was first up to start the "talking" -

 My Matriarch, the old girl, she is basically the one in charge so it is only reasonable for her to start the conversation.

But then Darlene's two BFF's had to chime in...

First Jazz... 

And then Bella -

Now the first thing you need to know is that this is not a normal chit chat voice they have... especially when they think extra hay is involved. It gets LOUD! Soon we had Hee's and Haw's going on from EVERYONE! Hubby looked over the trailer at me like I had done something to start it all up. I looked at him and said it was all his fault he loaded up the buffet cart and they thought they were getting a bonus meal! LOL Now you really should have seen their eyes and the noise later that night.. when an 18 wheeler showed up close to midnight with over 600 bales of hay on it... hope the neighbors will forgive that bit of noise from the girls! LOL Good news noise and all we have LOTS of hay in the barn now.

Found Cocoa our Standard Girl standing off to the side under one of the oak trees... Lazy Afternoon you know sometimes it is just too much effort to even hold our ears up you know...

Actually with the icky illness I had this last week I totally understand the too much effort.. LOL Why is it you get a cold and even if you feel better after a few days the cough will stay for a month? SIGH... I hate having a cough!! Oh well... on to adorable....

Miss Abigail - 

 She has become so much sweeter now that all the baby goats are hanging together quite a bit. Of course my bottle babies are obnoxious friendly.. so that is rubbing off on the others and I am finally getting mobbed and doing lots of body rubbing and cuddling! I totally Love it!

Now there is one baby goat that I haven't been picking up and nuzzling this last week... you see he seems to smell like someone has peed on him... I know that isn't nice conversation... but really he smells. And all though male goats do totally stink as they grow up to be "men", but babies are sweet and soft and fun to cuddle! Well Wyatt.. has been stinky this week... and we now totally know why!!!!

 Little dude is a piggie!!! And he has now figured out that since Mom won't stand still as much to let him eat as he is getting older, that if he follows behind he can snack and walk at the same time! He is literally sucking down milk while walking behind his mom here! I guess that he has been doing it so much that she is tired of being.. well pulled on and him always there, so when she has to go... well he just needs to learn to give her some time to herself!! LOL

Hope you enjoyed today's photographs. Really wish I had my phone to video all the noise for you - was a riot. With all my "kids" it is always fun and interesting here!

Have a wonderful blessed weekend -
HUGS and-


PaperSunshine said...

What great pictures! Love all the braying mouths LOL! I cant imagine, my neighbor has one donkey and it brays once in a while and it cute but having several at once? Oh my! Funny goat, ok weird question I am sure but can you give a goat a bath?

Hugs, Lori K.

okienurse said...

Awesome pictures this week. I think it is funny how fur babies soon learn routines and pass on the info to the rest. Poor Wyatt! What ever will he do when she starts weaning him!! A moma boy!

Carol Dee said...

I can just imagine the racket the girls put up when they thought Dad had a BIG treat for them. L
OL. And Wyatt really needs to leave Mom alone! I am sure she will finally get him to stop. Some babies are just harder to wean than others.

Helen said...

what a lovely pictures again; I can image the noise and glad this time it were only pictures (everytime I play a video with noises from the donkeys or goats I have two big dogs in the back of my chair checking out what's happening). Hope Wyatt understands soon that this is the not the right place to eat.
Hugs Helen