Saturday, January 31, 2015

Animal Crackers - Serious Business

Howdy -

Beautiful Sunshine yesterday afternoon - made for some pretty photos of the kids. Weathermen are predicting rainy cold weather all weekend so was fabulous to enjoy a few days of the sun.

Thought this week I would start off with Miss Libbie... this is her don't bother me I am on watch right now look.  Very SERIOUS BUSINESS!

Ears up, totally concentration  - she is doing important work, watching all the other animals and making sure no one is out of line. LOL In her world she is always in total control. We just go with it most of the time and let her think that.

Maybe that is what this look is as well... Patti was trying to get my attention just as a few other girls were walking up to the fence for attention as well... but that look is well... they hung back until she got her head petted first. 

Being one of the older ladies does carry weight you know. She is a sweetheart - love my Patti girl.

Miss Jazz was out with the dead branches working on a little itch she had - One reason we leave some of the larger down trees... great scratching post.

She was really going to town on that itch!

Doris was wondering if it was time to get more food again... Sorry Doris just a photo op - 

Love my chickens I really do. But I remind Hubby all the time if I don't come back in when in with them check on me... I know they would eat me if they had the chance. These girls are tough!

Speaking of tough - got a great shot of Scraredy Cat! A rare captured photo!

This guy and his brother Fraidy Cat fly like the wind 90% of the time when you get very close. But once in a while they will stay still and see if you are really a threat... that sun was feeling too good to give up that spot and he stayed really still and let me shoot my photo and tip toe away. He is such a handsome kitty.

And speaking of beautiful - My girl Jackie... I have fallen so in love with this baby - bottle feeding really makes them so friendly and really makes me very very attached!

 She seems to be a very healthy little girl - in fact I had to cut down a bit on the milk for her as she was getting wider than she was tall. LOL But she is doing great and is a VERY talkative girl. Love that little stick in her mouth... she is so cool...

Hope you enjoyed today - Got a few more that were good shots but I just can't share everyone every week. Post would be a mile long... ha! So I will save them for next week - Have a blessed wonderful weekend - enjoy someone furry and give them a big hug!

HUGS and -


soaringeagle said...

I just have to say, Jackie is the most adorable baby. Would love to hug and hold her myself. Hope you have an amazing weekend.
Marie Louise

Carol Dee said...

Always fun to stop and visit. All the furry and feathered kids look so happy. hugs...

okienurse said...

Saturday post is the highlight of my weekend! I love seeing how all the babies and old girls are doing. Jackie does a striking pose...beautiful babies!

Helen said...

Gorgeous pictures again; I so love to read the animal crackers.
It's good that I do not live near otherwise I would come in all the time to cuddle ;-)
Hugs Helen