Saturday, January 17, 2015

Animal Crackers - Sunny Afternoon

Howdy -
After a long cold wet week - yesterday the sun came out and was gorgeous!! Everyone was really enjoying the warm sunny afternoon.

The baby goats got to come out and play. With it so cold and rainy they spend most of the days in the huts. But with the Sun out Mom's let them have more freedom -

Jackie was asking if it was time for her bottle. I have got her to only twice a day, breakfast and then dinner. So she wasn't happy when I didn't have anything for her - Adorable!

And wherever Jackie is Lizzie usually isn't to far away. She gets a little bit of the ends of the bottles, just to keep her happy. 

These two girls have now approached the over friendly status. They are obnoxious, and I love that!

We worked on some of the huts a few weeks ago. They destroy almost everything put in there. So legs and supports just don't do well over any time at all. But I am thinking that this hut is probably going to need the roof cut back a bit... before Sandy ends up on top of  Lillie... LOL  So far it is holding... so far....

Found one of the outdoor kitties enjoying the sun as well.

Shhhhh she was hiding from me in the winter weeds.... Beautiful Momma Cat!

Ted E. Bear was pushing his way between a fence and a tree ring - longer green grass is worth being squished a bit you know.

Then I snapped a photo of one of the Wyandottes -

They were at the edge of their pen really making some noise wanting their afternoon snack.

Love that the mud has dried up... especially in the chicken coops. Really slick in there with all the mud. I think they like it, but me I have nearly hit the ground more than once in there.

Been a tough week around here. Weather has made it hard to work outdoors. I have been a bit ill, pushing it off as much as I can but I think yesterday it hit me. Now on the up side.. I keep telling myself that anyway. But the toughest part of the week... we lost one of the baby goats. Josie died earlier in the week. Crushed both Hubby and I. They only thing we can figure is that she got smothered under her Mom the night it was so cold and rainy. We found her in the back of the hut the next morning. They try and get as close as they can to Mom when cold and I guess that Chloe shifted during the night and she was so little she couldn't get out. Totally depressed us all week. She was so beautiful.

The hardest part of raising animals... I am so not good at loosing anyone.

Hope you have some Sunny weather where you are - enjoy it and get out there and enjoy a furry or feathered friend!

HUGS and -


Marilyn said...

Awwww... that is so sad about Josie and I totally get it about losing one of them being the hardest part of having them.
Great pics of the animals and those baby goats are the most adorable thing ever!

Linda w said...

So sorry to hear about Josie.
I am still amazed at the shape of their pupils. I would so love to be able to pet and pamper these critters. I do have 5 cats, or rather they own me, and love them so much. They are totally indoor cats and have such a "tuff" life.

Carol Dee said...

Jackie and Lizzie are ADORABLE, How could you say NO to those faces! LOL. So sorry about Josie.

Helen said...

So sorry for your loss of sweet little Josie, she was such a stunner ♡♡. We never get used to losing our furry children.
Jackie and Lizzie are so sweet and adorable. Great pictures again of the animals. Hugs Helen