Saturday, January 10, 2015

Animal Crackers - Napping in the Sun

Howdy -

Another cold wet nasty weekend here - but we had some beautiful sunshine on Tuesday! So I grabbed my camera and went out to take photographs while I had the chance. I love how much the Sun makes everyone so lazy...

Josie and her brother Wyatt were napping in what was left of breakfast hay. Sunning a bit. Looked pretty comfortable I thought about climbing in and joining them.. but well probably still a bit nasty under that hay - They have been taught by one of the masters of sleeping in the hay though -

Their Mom Chloe... 

I do believe she has literally fallen asleep while eating hay... gives a whole new meaning to eating in bed huh?

 This girl does have some horns doesn't she?

Since I showed two of Chloe's triplets thought I should show the third... my little man Doc.

 He has stolen my heart too. We are 99% sure he is a keeper. We will retire Frank this next year and let Doc grow up and be a future buck stud around here.... With those looks and his personality should get some great babies one day!

 Headed out to the girls pen for some sunny face shots... uh HELLO??

Nope couldn't get anyone to hardly even acknowledge that I had made the trek out to see them. Then I got a quick look from Vicki.

Of course it was more of a look like I was bothering her breakfast... but I got acknowledged!

Then as I made my way back inside... the doggies all came in with me.

Uh Chica.... did you roll in the dead grass girl?

 And I wonder why I have so much of the yard in my house when I sweep up! Adorable... can't be upset with her, that face is just too adorable.

Hope you enjoyed this week...
HUGS and -


Carol Dee said...

Enjoyed the sunny photos. It is COLD here! TFS

Helen said...

Lovely babies they are way too cute 💕 great pictures again and chica is adorable too. Hugs, Helen