Saturday, January 16, 2016

Animal Crackers - FINALLY

Howdy -

FINALLY! We have babies! Chloe went first - surprised us completely with just one little boy. She was a big as a barn and just knew she would give us at least triplets again. But nope... just one. Hubby named him "UNO"... as he was just one. LOL

Chloe is an amazing Mom. And Uno is a little bopper. He is active and absolutely adorable!! Looks like his Daddy Peso, with a touch of Mom. And those amazing blue eyes! 

Just look at that face!

He has great markings.  And Dad is proud of this little guy... :0)

Then Thursday night Gracie decided it was her turn. First time Mom so she was a bit nervous and skittish, but is cleaning and loving on her baby...

 HE... yep another little boy and again only one. He is so very very tiny. Not unusual for a first time Momma... and this guy is a exact copy of his Momma. Black and white with those amazing blue eyes.

This little guy has me really nervous. I am trying hard to let Mom get the hang of it all and not step in, but she is really having a tough time letting him eat. We have done a little force holding and feeding, but she still hasn't quite lost the fear of him moving to the back and letting him eat. Keeping a very close eye on this guy and thinking I may have to step in and do some feeding as well to keep his strength up.

Will try and get more and better photos this week once they are all cleaned up and bouncing around. Now just one more Mom to go.. first time Mom Sweet Pea.... really hoping for some girls!!

Hope you have a blessed and wonderful weekend!
HUGS and- 


Marilyn said...

How sweet! There's nothing cuter than a baby goat and I'd love to be able to see them. I've always been surprised at how tiny they are...which makes them all the more adorable.

soaringeagle said...

Oh, they are absolutely adorable.

PaperSunshine said...

What good looking babies! Congrats!

Carol Dee said...

The babies are adorable. Hope Gracie and Lil Bit the idea soon and the next baby is a GIRL. ;)

JoanieMc said...

Never get tired of reading your life experiences. Love looking at the pictures seeing and Learning all about your family. Have a Blessed Day.