Saturday, January 23, 2016

Animal Crackers - A full dose of Adorable!

Howdy -

We have been just have too much fun this week! I just adore having bouncing babies! And just too much adorable in the sweet cuddling.

Uno is just a barrel of energy. This little dude's favorite activity is lapping the pen, and running as fast as he can around and around the huts and other goats. He is soooo fast. Once in a while he spins out, but just jumps back up and gears up to high gear again.

Now Lil' Bit... as we were calling him until the perfect name came to us... Is now called "Luna" which is Spanish for Moon. Do you see it?

This guy has been trying to bop around with his 1/2 brother but doesn't quite have the nerve to do the high speed laps with Uno. But he is working his way up to it soon I am sure. I am just so tickled at how beautiful this guy is! Gracie didn't let me down on her first baby... and we are seeing bits of Daddy Peso too... little grey showing up on him. Stunning!

Also ... no worries with Gracie being a first time Mom. She is a fabulous Mommy. Baby comes first and she is always talking to and cleaning on him.

How about just one more adorable close up of Luna?

And another close up of Uno?

Oh and snapped a cute photo of our last babies... Rhett with her girls Thelma and Louise.

 Love this trio!

Hope you got a good dose of adorable this week! We still have one more Mom to deliver... so more cute to come!

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!
HUGS and


Martina said...

What a lovely bunch! My cats name is also Luna =) Isn't it a female name???? But I see why you have given him this name ;)
Greetings from Austria,

Carol Dee said...

Sweet and perfectly ADORABLE they are. Luna and Uno CUTE

soaringeagle said...

Oh my gosh, they are both so beautiful. I used to raise Harlequin Great Danes, and the black and white gets me every time.

okienurse said...

Those babies are so cute! I love their coloring! Congrats on having such cute kids!!!

lol Vickie

okienurse said...

Was looking at the baby pics again and noticed Lunas legs and boots match Moma's almost exactly. Just like the face markings on Chloe and Uno! Such pretty babies!