Saturday, October 8, 2016

Animal Crackers - All for Macie


Well this week we are happy to say that Macie is doing much better!!

She is still not 100% - and is still in the small pen up next to the house, but she is moving around much better and although still limping, she is putting more weight on it and getting around. We have been just worried sick about her. Such a beauty…

You can see here how when standing still she pulls that back leg back and rest it.

But she is up and moving around and that is good. She has even been begging to get out of the pen and join the other ladies. Not quite yet old girl… Besides once you are back in the big pasture.. no more special spoiling. She is really loving the carrots and treats!

She has made new friends… not that she is too sure about them or them about her…

She will stand there and stare at the chickens for a while then look over at us like… seriously? What are these things? LOL The chickens will run up the fence to check her out then run back to their buddies like… see told you I wasn't scared of her…. LOL  They are now use to each other and get along and the chickens are helping keep Macie entertained while in her healing pen.

I stood and chatted with Miss Annie for a bit yesterday -

Annie is one of our first four goats… and I do love her. Lord knows I have to love her… this girl is my child that test my temper. Sigh… she has been much better since she now lives full time with Frankie. She is just not good in with all the other ladies. Despite her not having any horns this gal found it necessary to head butt and try and mow over all the younger goats. A sort of I am in charge type of "Queen of the pen" thing. Well a long while back I shoved her in with Frankie and that is where she lives. Frankie LOVES her and is very happy she is there with him… and all the younger goats are thrilled she now is not anywhere to play her in charge bully games. Ok… so she isn't the happiest… but she still has it pretty good…. she is in charge of Frankie after all… LOL

Maybe that is why one of her first daughters Chloe is like she is….

Chloe doesn't try and bull doze everyone but she isn't the most sweet friendly to "humans"… better than she use to be, but still not a loving goat. Those fabulous eyes and coloring is her saving grace. She does have fabulous kids! And as long as she stays "semi-nice" she is good with me. Now I will say the girl loves to have her photo taken! Always runs towards me for her glamour shot….  Or thinks I have food… one or the other. LOL

Found Wyatt finishing off what was left of breakfast late yesterday. We will not talk about how nasty stinky sticky dirty he is… but I will say this boy has one stud set of horns!

Ok the red coloring is not part of the horns… that is from rubbing and head butting the fence post. Don't you think standing and head butting a post is good way to spend the afternoon? It is a guy thing I guess… But seriously he has amazing huge horns. Just like his Dad Peso.

Hope you enjoyed my photos this week. And thank you so much for all the prayers and well wishes for Miss Macie. Keep them going! They seem to be working - praying for a full recovery for the old lady!

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend - prayers for those in the Path of Hurricane Matthew -  Oh and a VERY Happy Birthday to my Dad today… he isn't with us anymore, miss him everyday…. today his birthday really thinking about him… Love you DAD -

HUGS and -


okienurse said...

beautiful animals…I wonder if Macie is wondering if she stays in that paddock much longer will she turn into one of them? Really cute pictures today! Love those horns too! Vickie

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

So happy to hear Macie is starting to be on the mend. She's gonna miss the carrots for sure when she's all better... and maybe even the chickens too. Boy, will she have some stories for the other donkeys!!! :-)

Carol Dee said...

So glad to hear Macie is on the mend. Head butting fence posts, yep, a guy thing. LOL . As always I enjoyed the photos and your fun narratives. :) See you next week. :)