Saturday, October 1, 2016

Animal Crackers - Beautiful


Beauty is skin deep… or Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Ok.. Hubby loves his Guineas and thinks they are beautiful… that is all that matters… LOL

Same three Guineas we have had for years now… he says he really wants more this spring. They are funny to watch… cheap entertainment for sure! LOL 

Chica… for sure Beautiful! This little girls is a super model. 

Ok, so she squints in the sun, but that is hard to teach any super model to not do. She is a little whirl wind and makes me a bit crazy some times. But I do totally adore her… even when she trips me going up the steps and now I am black and blue in numerous spots! She was sorry… as I was laying on the ground she came back to me and gave me a kiss to say so…. just to make sure I remember… I love her…

Crissy is a pretty little lady. Stunning coloring in this girl. We were so sad last year when she lost her babies. But we are going to try again for this spring… Hopefully she will carry them full term this time. I so want her personality and coloring in babies this spring.

Olive Oyl is a little beauty too..

Hubby and I have that list that is going in to breed this month.. Olive is on my list but not on his…. she is a little one, but I still think she will do ok. He just likes having her as his little girl and doesn't want her to have babies of her own in case he looses her childlike personality.

Ok, handsome not a beauty… Quiet, cautious and handsome Pavo…..

Found him standing in the shade of the barn and was keeping a close eye on me just in case I had carrots in my pocket. Sorry boy… all out and need to make a grocery run! Not sure why he is wearing hay on his back… maybe saving that for a snack later?

Compact Stud here ladies!

This short little man is also a handsome dude… ok, so getting a little pudgie… but still handsome. Just more to love right? I just tell him shorter makes him carry his weight differently… makes him feel better I am sure!

And the original Beauty… Miss Libbie.

 Eye sight is pretty much gone now, but still getting around ok… she loves laying out on the sidewalk in the back yard and feel the breeze. Now she had just had a bath… so I wasn't too happy about her laying out there but hey… she pretty much gets what she wants now a days… as long as she is happy it is ok with us.

Macie update… no real change… one day a little better… next she is limping again. Sigh…

Hope you enjoyed -
HUGS and-


Soaring Eagle said...

I always look forward to Saturdays to see which of the animals you have highlighted this week. So much fun.
Marie Louise

Helen said...

Great pictures again, all those furries are so lovable. Big hugs and prayers for Macey. xxx

Carol Dee said...

All beautiful. So many happy critters around your place. Lucky animals. :)

BethW said...

Always a delight to see. Your pictures make me look forward to Saturdays.