Saturday, October 22, 2016

Animal Crackers - Beauty and Humor

Howdy -

Our two little Bantams are sure beautiful... Red has come into his "Rooster-ness" He is just stunning and loves to do his share of tiny manly crowing. It is so cute. I know he would rather me tell you how powerful it is.. but it is simply cute. LOL

Both Bantams are very friendly, especially to Hubby. They are very attached to him, as he is to them. 

Ok... So Jet isn't looking so friendly in the photo... more scary crazy... but she really is very sweet. 

I think she was not happy with all my snapping photos. LOL 

A little sad news this week, one of our Guineas died early in the week. Not sure of the cause. Old age? She was 5 or 6, not sure if that is old or not. 

The other two seem happy and healthy. Hubby was very upset. He loves his Guineas too. Spring we will get more for sure. 

While checking on the Guineas I found Jackie and Lizzie chillin' in the shade.

These two sisters are always together... Such good sisters. And both so beautiful.

This photo just cracks me up... you see Gato is our tester. Anytime we purchase something new for our antique business, she has to check it out completely....

 A couple of weeks ago it was an antique school teachers stand, and this week she was totally in love with an old trunk I found in an estate sale. I used the trunk to pack up so old dolls I purchased at the same sale. Gato thought the towels in the trunk were just perfect to relax a bit. She wasn't happy when I made her get out, but I tried to explain I didn't want the lid to fall on her. I did take the towel out and let her lay on that a while to make up for making her move.

Snapped this shot out my dining room window yesterday morning. Valentine is going to be in trouble with "Dad"... Hubby must have left that empty box out when he was unpacking the truck....

 Valentine decided it was a nice box and picked it up and hauled it off.... LOL They are funny sometimes, just like most children.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend planned. Family Friends and someone furry to hug!
Hugs and -


okienurse said...

great photos! Love the Chicken photos...Red looks regal and Jet does looked ticked off at being bothered by the camera! Sorry to hear about the Guinea hen. I know she had a awesome life at your place! Love Jackie and Lizzies face coloring with that swatch of black! I wonder what it is with cats and boxes. I have 3 that do the same think. I go to Sam's they act like I am doing something wrong by not getting the groceries out of the boxes so they can climb in. Valentine is a hoot too! WOW our fur babies are so much fun and I don't know what I would do without mine...they give me such happiness. Have a great week! Vickie

BethW said...

So sorry to hear about your loss-it is never easy. Love the pics of Gato and Valentine-they put a huge smile on my face-thank you.

Carol Dee said...

Who knew donkeys would like boxes~ I understand Gato and boxes, but Valentine! LOL
Sorry about the loss.
Red is handsome. I would love to hear his cute Crowe.

Niki said...

If only we could teach them to pick up after themselves, instead of carting off random items! Great pictures. Jet looks very fierce.

Thanks for sharing your furry and feathery family!