Saturday, October 29, 2016

Animal Crackers - Hows this for a grin?

Howdy -

Has been a beautiful week around here. A little warmer than normal for the last week of October. But pretty. The animal are all doing well... even Miss Macie I am thrilled to report. She has stayed in the large pen with the other ladies and has really improved well. We are SO Happy!!

I snapped this photo of Mr. Frankie to give you a grin -

This is his best flirting with the Ladies Face... Sexy huh? LOL!! The guy is officially retired but still has a nose for those ladies! He loves to flirt with the girls! Such a Ladies Man.. in his own mind...

Speaking of Ladies Man... Raffie is that for sure! What a stud!

Oh do so wish that it would cool off some here. Nice to have the warm weather so late. But I was really wanting to put some girls in to have babies next year. And it has still just been too hot. Had a couple of days where it looked like it was going to become fall and a little cooler weather but it fooled us.... I know I will soon be complaining that it is too cold. But that is me personally... the animals love it cooler. 

And other men...  This photo cracks me up...

You would think all that concentration would be on the opposite sex... but nope. That is a serious stare for a large load of hay that "Dad" was driving in. Girls are priority... unless it is freshly cut hay!

Love the colors with these new chickens.

They were all laying well this last couple of months and now that the time change has gone into effect numbers are down again.... this weekend we will be hanging our lights I suppose.

 Moxie girl... LOVE this girl!!

 I got just a tiny bit of her grin here. Hubby was chatting with her and she squinted and smiled for him. You just have to love this girl!

Now I had to photo a photo again this week of Valentine. Seems the shot last week of him slinging the box around was not a flattering view... So here is an adorable shot of that sweet boy.

Little Spoiled... Little bit of a Momma's Boy... Little bit lumpy... but LOVED A LOT!

Hope you got a smile this week again - and I hope you have a totally blessed weekend!
HUGS and -


PaperSunshine said...

What great pictures! (As usual!) Valentine is handsome! The feathers on the chicken are fascinating- beautiful 😃 Thanks for sharing each and every week! I look forward to this every Saturday morning.

Lena's Creations said...

Your animal crackers always crack me up :-) I can see Raffie being a Ladies Man for sure. He has beautiful colour markings! I know what you mean about the animals preferring cooler weather, but personally I'm with you on this - enjoying this warm weather and dreading the coming winter :-)
You too, have a very blessed weekend.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

We too, had a tease of Fall and then back to the dog days of summer temps the last week of October. What the heck?!? Hoping we don't skip Fall entirely and jump straight to Winter! Love the pics of all the boys... each of them handsome in their own way!!! :-)

Carol Dee said...

YIKES where did my weekend go! Sorry I did not stop in and say Howdy. :) Love the great animal photos you got this week. WOW Frankie what a Grin! ;) And the feathers on the new chicken are stunning.