Saturday, October 15, 2016

Animal Crackers - Pretty Girls

Howdy -

Pretty Girls - I so love my girls. Ok the boys just as much. But this week I spent a little time out with the gals.

Felicia is a pretty little girl -

She is one of the last girls available on our for sale list... but I really think I may have a very hard time letting go her, in fact I have avoided her a couple of times when we had people looking... I know bad huh? Can't help it...  She is Macie's daughter and has those same big eyes with long eye lashes. She is a beautiful little donkey...

Then we have Irene... one of our tallest ladies.

Not a great angle for her is it? Makes her rear end really look high up doesn't it? She is a sweet girl and despite her height I really do want to breed her with Raffie... he is so little I hope that we can get a cute little spotted baby from the two.

Raffie says yes.. he likes the idea!!

Timing Raffie... not quite time yet! LOL Now he is a looker isn't he? I always compliment him on how stunning he always is. Never a mess always sharp and handsome. My Smiling Donkey!

We released Macie this week... A little trial to see how she does. Already thinking we will put her back. She was showing so much improvement, and if the limping gets worse back in she goes for longer this time.

The girls were happy to see her coming back... Or maybe to see the special treatment she was getting with all those carrots?

Macie just walked on by and was so happy to be back into the large pen... will hate to have to pen her back up ...

She does look happy doesn't she? Speaking of happy...

 Miss Libbie and her old bed. We have purchased her new beds over time. But she loves she old bed. Once in a while I can sneak it out and give it a good wash... takes her a few days to get it "right" again. But still is and always her favorite place to sleep... unless she can get ahold of any of "Dad"s" t-shirts to wad up and snooze on... those are great too.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend.
HUGS and-

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Carol Dee said...

Raffie is a very good looking fella. Sorry to hear that Macie may have to go back to the small pen for a bit longer. I hope this time does the trick. As usual everyone looks great.